You are likely asking yourself, who is this Janet Legere?  After all, that’s why you clicked the About page, right?  Here is a very brief bio that highlights our journey …

Who Is Janet Legere

I am a full time Internet Marketer and my primary passion is to excite others to find their own passion and learn how to use simple strategies to bring that passion online and make money.

It was 1999 that I found myself with the ‘golden’ handshake from the Corporate world.  I was an accountant and the Controller of a small Oil and Gas services company.  My husband who worked in the Employee Benefits sector also received the ‘golden’ handshake … Opportunity just opened its doors wide and we jumped in with both feet.

Considering ourselves very ‘computer savvy’, my husband and I saw this as an opportunity to start our own business and it seemed right to start that business online.  It wasn’t easy in the beginning, unlike today, there were no ‘training’ programs or “how-to” manuals.  We were pretty much on our own searching and looking for that “something” we could make money with.

Then one day, we received an email … someone was promoting a technology company that was about to launch video web conferencing … Don was all over it … how exciting was this going to be?  It was in early 2000 when we attended an online conference and listened to Nannette present this new opportunity.  The company was WAY ahead of the times and we just knew we had found the ‘mother lode’ 🙂

And in many ways we did.  It’s where we started using live conferencing technology to offer presentations to a global community and it’s where we learned the absolute importance of building a list.  It’s also where I found my passion for teaching others what I learned along the way.  Turning others on to this great resource where any door can open for anyone.

The Contact List Builder Arrives

In 2003, when the technology Company closed its doors, I found the opportunity to create our own product and affiliate program and it was then that the first Contact List Builder was born.

We re-tooled and re-launched Contact List Builder in 2010 and today, the Contact List Builder has developed into a philosophy where success is delivered in 5 simple steps.  We call it our CLB 5 Step Success Blueprint and our goal is to help you discover your ‘Big Picture’ and implement your own success plan.

When you follow what you love doing, doing becomes simple.

I truly believe that I can teach anyone who is willing to learn.  When you clear the confusion and follow a focused plan of action, anything is possible.

I look forward to continuing to help others create possibilities.

Janet Legere
The Contact List Builder