Setting up the CLB Funnel

In this training, we will show you how to setup an autoresponder campaign and attach it to a Capture Page and attach that capture page to a Landing page.

Step One: The Auto-Responder Campaign Share Code 9803b85f

Step Two: The Capture Page (Share Code d5bc46ca) & Landing Page (Share Code 981ecd33)

Step Three: Tracking and Traffic!

NOTICE: You will need an active account with The Conversion Pros(TCP).
You can join TCP from the Downline Builder inside your  Members area.

The CLB Funnel

Here is a video explaining the CLB Funnel

Here are the Capture Page and Landing Page

Step ONE: The Auto-Responder Campaign

Video Training 

Please watch this video on how to setup your Auto-Responder Campaign

Share Code 9803b85f

Under the TCP Marketing Suite click on Autoresponder

Click on New Campaign

Enter a Label for your new Campaign, ie., CLB Leads

Enter the Shared code from above

Enter a Description, ie., CLB Leads

Click SAVE!

Then Click OK!

A notice comes up to indicate your changes were saved, Click Ok

The 13 email messages will now be displayed and you will need to edit each one.

Once the messages are edited, you will need to activate your campaign.

Click on Campaign Details

Choose Activate from the dropdown menu

Click Save

Now that your Campaign is setup and activated, you are ready to build your Capture Page and Landing Page.

Step Two: The Capture Page & Landing Page

Please watch the training video on how to setup the Pages using the share codes

Basic instructions

Click on the TCP Marketing Suite

Then click on Page Builder

Click on Create Page

Click on Use Share Code

Enter The Capture Page clblearning (Share Code d5bc46ca)

Save then choose Enter Another

Enter The Landing Page clbsignup (Share Code 981ecd33)

Click on Save then Choose Edit

You will need to edit the name under the Video to your name

You will need to edit the ID on the link on the YES, Sign Me Up! Button

You will need to edit the contact information at the bottom where it says “Janet Legere is waiting to hear from you”

You will need to edit the Social Buttons as well

Save your landing page 

Go back to your Page Builder

Click on Edit beside the Capture Page titled clblearning

You will choose your campaign that you setup for CLB Leads

You will edit the Social Media as on the Landing Page

You will edit the FORM and redirect page (Landing Page)

Click on the Edit button on the form

Then edit your TCP username in the URL AND choose the middle form then save

Congratulations, You are now ready to TEST your Form and Landing Page, make sure the emails and notices come to you and test your links on the Landing page!

Be sure to download the Conversion Pro APP from the App Store or Iphone store so you receive notices of your optins!

Now let’s move on to Tracking and Traffic! We are going to build your list and signup new members into CLB Learning!

Step Three: Tracking and Traffic!


  1. Karalee Johnson  January 7, 2020

    Aloha Janet!
    Thank you for taking the time to go through how to set up the funnel with both the video and pictures. It made it easy to do.

    • Janet Legere  January 9, 2020

      Thank you so much for your feedback. My goal is to help make things as simple as possible. I am excited for your results!


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