CLB and the Fan Page System

Here is an email to use for the Fan Page System to invite your leads to CLB. There are codes for your name and your subscriber’s name.  You need to edit the ID number for your CLB affiliate link and edit your Skype ID, etc.


Thank you, %%SubscriberFirstName%% – it’s %%AffiliateFullName%% here with more details


Hello %%SubscriberFirstName%%,

%%AffiliateFullName%% here, thank you for filling out my form for the Free Fan Page System.

The Fan Page System is part of Janet Legere’s Contact List Builder (CLB) training program.

At CLB, you will learn the important steps of list building and how to use the fan page system effectively.

I encourage you to register for your free membership to this highly acclaimed system so you can tap into Janet’s training right away.

Then, let’s connect on Skype and talk strategy. My Skype ID is YOURSKYPEID. Please send me a Contact Request and let’s connect, okay?

Skype is a great way to connect and share business ideas. I use Skype extensively to help my friends learn how to build their lists.

I’d love to hear about your business and discuss how to use The Contact List Builder and the free Fan Page System to generate targeted leads and multiple income streams.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Have a great day,

The Contact List Builder

P.S. The Contact List Builder is free to join. You can learn more about CLB here: