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Emails for Current Subscribers

The following emails are best suited for your personal contacts and downline members.  Remember to change the XXXX with your affiliate ID number which you will find in the Affiliate area of your CLB members area.

SUBJECT:  Free training and mentoring at CLB

Alternative Subjects:

Have you seen the new CLB?
Are you a CLBER?
What is CLB?


Hello members,

YOUR NAME here …
from the Contact List Builder.

Have you heard of it?

Our free program is a 5 Step
Success Blueprint.

Go ahead and signup here.

It will be a great start for you
for 2012 … trust me.

I’m on Skype at YOURSKYPE ID, let’s
connect and talk about your business.

Have a great day,

The Contact List Builder

Be Do Have … the secret to success
Our 5 Step Success Blueprint will help

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SUBJECT:  Contact List Builder is growing … have you looked yet?


Hello members,

[YOUR NAME]  here.

I am excited with the progress and development
of our Contact List Builder program and I am
feeling really good about where Janet & Don are
going with the program.

Did you get a chance to look at the site?

I encourage you to consider joining as a CLB
Founding Member to take full advantage of
all the bonuses available now and in the future.

CLB is still in its infancy stages and the team
looks forward to working closely with you as a
founding member of this great program.

Come learn all about our CLB 5 Step Success Plan
that is guaranteed to get you into profit with a
directed Focused Plan of Action.

The CLB 5 Step Success Plan consists of:

Step 1.  Goals and Mindset
Step 2.  A Focused Plan of Action
Step 3.  Branding You
Step 4.  Building Your List
Step 5.  Building Relationships and Creating Loyal Customers

As you can see, we cover everything you need to
create a successful business using Internet tools
and resources to attract loyal customers.

Our focus is YOUR business and I invite you
to come and explore why CLB is different and
why CLB can and will work for you.

Skype me at [YOUR SKYPE ID] if you have questions
or you are just anxious to get started – I’d love
to chat.

Have a great day,

The Contact List Builder

P.S. Don and Janet want to assure you that
they have your best interests at heart along
with those of your team … let us help you build
a stronger team by duplicating results.

Success happens when opportunity meets preparedness ..
let us help you be prepared!


SUBJECT:  Do you have a ‘focused plan of action’?



Are you looking for answers?  Tired of
the same old, same old?

Would you like someone to tell you the
real secrets to making money online?

Well, now you can … with Janet Legere’s
new and improved Contact List Builder program
where you will learn the CLB 5 Steps to Success.

When Janet first launched CLB back in 2003,
it was an instant success because it offered
members a true plan of action to build a list of
loyal customers.

The new CLB promises to be all that and MORE as
Janet works to help you create a true “Focused
Plan of Action”.

A plan of action focused on YOUR Goals and
YOUR abilities!

Founding member Sean says “I’ve been following
Janet for and keep getting pulled away by the
shiny new program syndrome – with CLB, I am
confident I can now get the results I need!”

New Shiny Program syndrome is a common
affliction and at CLB we have the cure!

Founding member Daryl says “I’ve been watching
Janet for years and am really impressed with
her dedication and commitment to the success
of her members.  I am confident I am in the
right place”

You need someone who is committed to YOUR success
and that’s what you get at CLB!

Founding member Tony says “I’ve known Janet
for about a year now and I know that if I
follow the plan of action we set out, I will
see success.  I am determined to make this work!”

Determination is the beginning of making
everything at CLB work for you.

Decide you want to become part of our family
today and say YES to CLB … if you hurry,
you can grab a Founding Members position today.

You’ll save $200 on a lifetime membership AND
become eligible to earn 50% commissions on future
affiliate referrals to CLB.

Go ahead … it’s a good investment

I’ll be watching for you inside,


P.S. The CLB Site is fairly “naked” right
now as Janet and her team work to bring the
best of the best together JUST FOR YOU!
Your Founding membership includes one on one
training and support directly from the CLB
team of leaders.

This is truly one of those no risk ventures!