The New CLB Facebook Strategy

After a few weeks of following Joel Therien teach his team how to create a movement on a Fan Page with his new Fan Page System. Joel is one of the leaders our there and he just happens to be a very good friend and business partner.

One day, as I was performing my daily activities on Joel’s Fan Page, an idea came to me. What if we applied this technique to CLB and the CLB Fan Page.

That was 7 days ago, on July 18th and on July 21st I started taking daily snapshots of what the activity is creating

The Strategy

Each day, I create a post on the CLB Fan Page. Once the post is created, I will send the link on Skype as well as to CLB Members.

  1. LOVE the Post – Mouse over the Like link and click the LOVE BUTTON
  2. Comment on the Post and include your CLB Capture page or CLB Affiliate link
  3. Share the post on your timeline and include your CLB Capture page or CLB Affiliate link

Hangout Replay

Enjoy the replay from our live hangout where I showed our members the Love Button Strategy

July 21

july 21

July 22

july 22

July 23

july 23

July 24

july 24

July 25 – Day 7

july 25


You can see that each day the numbers are increasing thanks to the activity of members AND the best part is that members are starting to see activity to their pages.

Our goal is to reward active members who follow the daily activities and Like, Comment and Share the daily posts on the CLB Fan Page.

When you comment and when you share, include your CLB Capture page or your CLB Affiliate link in the comments.