Give Away The Re-branded Quick Start Guide

These instructions are designed for Upgraded members in CLB. As an upgraded member, the CLB 3 Step Quick Start Guide is re-branded with all of your IDs in the report. You can offer this report to your leads and have them learn about our system and steps.

Webinar Replay

Watch this replay to understand how to use TCP to setup your capture page and use the codes below to create a capture page to give away the 3 Step Quick Start Guide which is rebranded with YOUR affiliate links (CLB Upgraded members only).

Here is the capture page

Shared Code 3a589ee6

Edit your name and select your CLB campaign … they will be redirected to a page to download the report

Here is the Landing Page (redirect)

Shared Code cfc6de8c

Edit the name and contact info on the page and edit the ID number on the redirect link .. do not edit the redirect JUST the ID number at the end … put your CLB ID number ..