Viral Mailers Deliver Results

In a span of about 14 Days, these 17 Mailers produced 39 Leads (Subscribers) and 10 New Members into my GLN Business.

Time Spent = about 10 to 20 minutes a day, some mailers are every 3 days, some are daily.

Viral Mailers can be very lucrative, however, it takes time to build up a list of good solid mailers as it’s always best to be an upgraded member.

I recommend signing up for one new mailer a day rather than all of them at once and I highly recommend that you create a new Gmail address just for your new mailers. It will make using mailers so much simpler and less overwhelming.

The stats below show the results over a 2 week period, not all of the mailers that I use are on this list, this is just the mailers than converted during this run of marketing.

Some weeks, it can be a totally different looking list. Every week is a new adventure with Viral Mailers and I can assure you, they work very well.

Enjoy some of my favourites below, they are listed in order of conversions:

Stay at Home Mailer – Personally Owned

Website Traffic Rewards

Viral URL

Traffic Leads 2 Income Viral Mailer (Check out their Traffic Coop)

Crypto Mailer

Go Pro Mailer – Personally Owned

Viral Mail Profits

Traffic Bonus

State of the Art Mailer
State of the Art Mailer

Email X Profits
Email X Profits

Viral InboxViral Inbox

Prospect Geyser Coop
Prospect Geyser Coop – Personally Owned

European SafelistEuropean Safelist

Text Ad Traffic
Text Ad Traffic

The Lead Magnet
The Lead Magnet

Genie MailerGenie Mailer – Personally Owned