5 Reasons to Attend Live Webinars

As the world becomes more digital, so does our learning. Training webinars have become a popular alternative to physical seminars and workshops, a valuable resource for anyone seeking new skills and knowledge.

These online training sessions offer many benefits that attendees should keep in mind:

  1. Convenience
    Training webinars are accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Through the convenience of one’s computer or phone, attendees can learn at their own pace whenever it’s most convenient for them.
  2. Expertise
    Webinars provide the opportunity to learn from industry experts and professionals who share their knowledge and experience. Attendees can benefit from their skills and insights that might not be easily available elsewhere.
  3. Cost-effective
    Webinar training is often significantly cheaper than face-to-face seminars or workshops. With no travel or accommodation expenses, webinars are an affordable way to get top-quality information.
  4. Interactive Learning
    Webinars allow attendees to interact with presenters and receive instant feedback on their questions and ideas. This engagement deepens their level of understanding and helps to reinforce concepts learnt during the session.
  5. Sharing knowledge with others
    In addition to learning new knowledge and skills, attending webinars allows attendees to network and share their existing knowledge with peers. They may receive valuable insights and tips from others in the same industry or field.

Training webinars provide an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge and acquire new skills while providing great value for money, and being accessible to anyone with an internet connection. As such, they represent an ideal solution for professional growth and development.

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Tips to Follow Up With Your Prospect

One of the most critical aspects of sales is following up with your prospects. It’s not unusual for people to take their time in making buying decisions. In fact, it typically requires multiple touchpoints and reminders before a sale is concluded.

How to Carry out an Effective Follow-up? Ready-to-use Email Templates -  Livespace CRM

Here are some tips to help you follow up effectively:

Plan ahead: Ensure that you have a documented follow-up strategy. Develop a schedule that outlines the time and channel you will use for different types of sales leads.

Use multiple communication channels: While email is an easy way to follow up with a prospect, don’t be limited to just email. Use phone calls, text messages, instant messaging and video conferencing to provide a more personalized touch.

Avoid being pushy or aggressive: It’s important not to come across as too forceful when following up with a prospect. Instead of pushing them to make a decision, emphasize the benefits of your product or service and demonstrate how it meets their needs.

Provide useful information: Be creative and provide your prospects with useful information that can help them decide. Share case studies, white papers, testimonials, and success stories that illustrate the value of your products/services.

Be timely: Ensure that your follow-up is timely yet non-intrusive. Keep in mind that while timing is important, the frequency of your interactions should not become annoying.

Listen actively: Active listening is essential during the follow-up process. Engage your prospect in conversation, ask open-ended questions and show genuine interest in their needs.

Analyze feedback: Consistently analyze and use the feedback from your prospects to optimize your follow-up approach over time. Learn from rejection to understand what improvements you could make.

It is important to understand that follow-up is one of the most powerful tools in your sales toolkit. Focus on developing a documented strategy, using multiple communication channels, providing useful information, being timely and non-intrusive, listening actively, and analyzing feedback to refine your approach. With these tips, you can improve your follow-up process and increase your chances of closing sales and building long-lasting relationships with your prospects.

Join us this Wednesday for a Live Webinar on Following up with Prospects. Registration is required at https://www.getlivetraining.com

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Beginner’s guide to building an email list for your affiliate marketing business

Building an email list can be a powerful way to communicate with your target audience, build relationships, and grow your affiliates marketing business.

Image Source

Here’s a beginner’s guide to help you get started:

Focus on quality over quantity: Building a sizable list requires time and effort; ensuring that the subscribers are interested in what you offer is essential. Rather than collecting random emails, make sure that your list comprises of people interested in the products or services you’re promoting.

Offer a lead magnet: Most people won’t hand over their contact details unless they receive something valuable in return. A ‘lead magnet,’ such as a free e-book, download, or access to an exclusive service can entice visitors to sign up to your list.

Place opt-in forms strategically: Ensure that your opt-in forms are placed in strategic locations on your site that are highly visible and accessible. Also, make sure that your opt-in form is optimized for mobile usage and is easy to complete.

Create a compelling value proposition: Use persuasive language and craft your messaging so that it highlights the benefits of signing up. Ensure visitors know what they’re signing up for and what value you’ll provide to them.

Offer exclusive discounts: Consider providing exclusive discounts to people who sign up to your mailing list. The incentive can further encourage users to join the list quickly.

Create engaging and personalized content: Keep your subscribers engaged by providing high-quality content that caters to their interests. Segmenting your list and customizing outreach according to their preferences and demographics will also enhance the subscriber experience.

Regularly test and refine your approach: Seeking and analyzing feedback from recipients will help you improve your approach over time. Track your campaign’s success using analytics to understand what works best and optimize accordingly.

Remember, building an email list is essential for any affiliate marketer to succeed. By focusing on quality over quantity, providing value, creating a compelling value proposition and refining your approach, you can develop an effective email list that helps grow your business.

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This blog post was written with the help of AI from Nowsite! Find out how Nowsite can help YOU in all aspects of your business, from website design to a full marketing campaign. Everything one needs to succeed in business. Discover more about Nowsite AI here

Six Benefits of Blogging

Today, we are talking BLOGGING and the benefits available to you through your CLB Blog!

In today’s digital world, blogging has become increasingly popular. While blogging may seem like just another form of social media or self-expression, it can actually have many benefits- both personally and professionally.

  1. Improving writing skills – Blogging helps to hone your writing skills. The more you write, the better you become. Over time, you will become more comfortable with expressing yourself in words.
  2. Building an online presence – Blogging provides a platform to showcase your work, interests and personality to the world. It allows people to find you, whether you are a writer, an entrepreneur or someone with unique perspective on life.
  3. Boosting your SEO – Search engines look for fresh, high-quality content when deciding how to rank websites. By regularly blogging, you can increase your website’s visibility and direct more traffic to your site.
  4. Establishing industry authority – Blogging about specific topics in your industry can help establish you as an expert. This can lead to new business opportunities, invitations to speak at conferences and even media mention.
  5. Connecting with others – Blogging is a great way to connect with like-minded individuals who share similar interests. Commenting on other industry blogs and interacting with other bloggers can increase your visibility and build relationships.
  6. Personal growth – Blogging can be a cathartic and therapeutic activity. It gives us an opportunity to reflect on our experiences, thoughts and feelings, which can lead to greater personal insights and growth.

Remember, there are a plethora of benefits to blogging, from professional to personal. So, if you haven’t started a blog, start now! Whether you want to use it as a business tool or simply as a creative outlet, it will have both immediate and long-term benefits.

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This blog post was written with the help of AI from Nowsite! Find out how Nowsite can help YOU in all aspects of your business, from website design to a full marketing campaign. Everything one needs to succeed in business. Discover more about Nowsite AI here

The CLB Blogging Platform

What is the CLB Blogging Platform
Who Has Access
How to register
How to Create a Resource Page for your Blog

Definition | Meaning of blog:
A blog (a shortened version of “weblog”) is an online journal or informational website displaying information in reverse chronological order, with the latest posts appearing first, at the top. It is a platform where a writer or a group of writers share their views on an individual subject.

What is the CLB Blogging Platform
A personal blog setup on the contactlistbuilder.com site This site you are on right now, is on the CLB Blogging Platform.

Who Has Access
The CLB Blogging System is available to all UPGRADED members at CLB Learning

What is the cost to upgrade?

Three affordable options to choose from!
Monthly $24.97
Annual $297.00
Lifetime $497.00

Current One time offer of $97.00!
Ends February 28, 2021

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My Best Advice For 2021

Let’s be honest, you are here to make money, right?

Sure, you are here to learn the steps, build a team, help others … but let’s face it, at the end of the day, that all boils down to making money in the programs you are promoting. If YOU can do it, then others can do, right?

And while the end result is money, along the way, you want your team to be making money too, am I right?

My philosophy has always been … if I can do it, others can too! They just need to do what I do 🙂 Easy enough, right?

You Can Do It Yes GIF by Bronwyn Maloney

I want to see YOU succeed in 2021, I want to see you prosper and grow. I want to see you and your team truly experience prosperity this year!

So, here is my best advice for 2021

Join and Upgrade to VIP in Genesis Lifestyle Network. I’ll go into the why’s of this one shortly, but this is step one on this journey.

As a VIP, your system is setup for you! Within 24 hours of registering, you could be up and driving traffic to your new GLN Funnel.

Traffic is simple, at GLN they offer some of the BEST resources anywhere and I recommend three of them.

  1. The TrafficLeads2IncomeVM Traffic Coop run by Rob Gehring is a MUST have and highly affordable at $100 a month as this includes a top level upgrade to TL2IVM and 10K credits a DAY! I get leads and members from TL2IVM regularly, it’s one of my top mailers!
  2. Superior Solo Ads has been generating a lot of new members for me and you can buy his Drip Traffic at .20 a click. I love having a drip campaign running alongside my other solos. While much slower, it provides a constant stream of new members. I also recommend his regular traffic. Both are producing active members in GLN.
  3. Udim solo ads have been a great source for me for a very long time. While it takes a bit of learning to pick and choose solo providers, I love the fact that you have some re-course with Udimi if you are unsatisfied in any way. Most solo providers are quite good, it’s best to connect with the solo provider you wish to use and ask him first if he believes his traffic will convert with your capture page. I also like to check the reviews from other buyers and will often contact them and get their feedback personally.
The Gold is in the Follow Up

TIME to Follow Up Follow Up Follow Up

And now the work begins … following up with people who join you in GLN and trust me … if you send traffic to the funnel that is setup for you (or one you setup yourself, that drives visitors to your GLN Bridge page, you WILL get signups. I can almost guarantee that!

We certainly have our recommendations when it comes to capture pages, at the end of the day, it’s all about what is converting for you. The pages recommend within GLN do work very well and I recommend you start there or contact your sponsor to see if they are using a different yet highly converting template from The Conversion Pros.

If you can get visitors to your GLN Bridge page you WILL get free signups and if you do nothing, chance are that in time some of those free members will upgrade on their own.

IF, however, you put a little bit of effort, and trust me, it doesn’t have to be a LOT of effort here to make this work, just a little bit of effort will see sales increase.

As you get to develop and grow your team here at GLN, you will start to see magic happens as you find those individuals willing to follow the plan.

VIP is the way to go, HOWEVER … Becoming a CORE member at any level will generate new signups in GLN if you get your GLN funnel setup and send traffic to your capture page. It’s a given …

So, you decide where you want to go with GLN .. will you use GLN as an intro point to your primary business or other income streams or will you use GLN as the entry point into an abundant future?

Let’s cover these three points

  1. Signup and upgrade at Genesis Lifestyle Network and Setup the Funnel
  2. Send Traffic to the Capture Page of your Funnel
  3. Follow Up with your new GLN members to encourage them to follow suit!

Three steps to earning income … now, let’s talk WHY you would want to do this.

GLN is more than just a great place to get amazing training on all manner of subjects that can help you with your business. GLN is a FAMILY, a COMMUNITY of people willing to go that extra mile FOR YOU!

Regardless of what your current business is, you can find success here. This community can help you stay focused and on task.

Imagine your inbox filling with leads every day … leads that are YOURS to follow up with, YOURS to connect with, YOURS to tell your story to.

The #1 focus at GLN is helping YOU build your list. As you do so, your subscribers are going to begin to learn more about you and as that happens, they will begin to follow you.

It’s a process and it can take time … my best advice for 2021 is to focus on learning and growing with GLN discovering how to develop your own team of leaders.

Anyone and everyone can make money with GLN, just follow the three steps

  1. Signup and Upgrade (VIP is the way to go)
  2. Get Traffic (TL2IVM Coop, Superior Solos, Udimi Solos)
  3. Learn how to follow up with your New GLN Members

Our family awaits you … take the first step

Announcing New Pay Plan

It’s all happening March 1, 2021! Big changes at Genesis Lifestyle Network as we work to deliver more to our members.

PLEASE NOTE: these proposed changes are not set in stone and may see edits or additions until March 1, the figures below outline the plan as it sits now.

GLN has always been about the members and now, with this new plan, even free members can be earning at GLN!

Here are the details:

First, there will no longer be any pass ups, however, each month a percentage of the profits will be put into a pool and shared amongst the top members! There will be bonuses for sponsoring too! Details of qualifications coming soon!

Second, Admin fees will remain the same:

Beginner $25 Annually
Pro $50 Annually
Advanced $125 Annually
Elite $175 Annually
VIP $299 One Time!

Third, GLN will offer a $50 Setup fee for Beginner to Elite level, this fee covers the cost for admin to setup your funnel for marketing GLN. For the VIP members, this service is free!

And now onto the Money part!

Free Membership – 10% commission (Could not earn before)

b: $5 commission
p: $10 commission
a: $30 commission
e: $60 commission
v: $120 commission

Beginner Package – 30% commission (Could only earn up to $50 before)

b: $15 commission
p: $30 commission
a: $90 commission
e: $180 commission
v: $360 commission

Pro Package – 40% commission (Could only earn up to $100 before)

b: $20 commission
p: $40 commission
a: $120 commission
e: $240 commission
v: $480 commission

Advanced Package – 50% commission (Could only earn up to $300 before)

b: $25 commission
p: $50 commission
a: $150 commission
e: $300 commission
v: $600 commission

Elite Package – 60% commission (Could only earn up to $600 before)

b: $30 commission
p: $60 commission
a: $180 commission
e: $360 commission
v: $720 commission

VIP Package – 100% (Same as before)

b: $50 commission
p: $100 commission
a: $300 commission
e: $600 commission
v: $1200 commission

GLN Really is the #1 Done-For-You  Marketing System That Can Help any Individual Create a Lifestyle That They Can Live on Their Terms!

Your Journey To Online Wealth $tart$ Here!

Remember, GLN is inside the CLB Learning Downline Builder. Start there to join with your CLB Sponsor.

Contact me if you want to know more about Genesis Lifestyle Network. Let me help you discover our incredible team of incredible members!

Genesis Lifestyle Network

The Genesis Lifestyle Network (GLN) is a multi-income stream system that allows the everyday individual to create multiple streams of income using one link and be a part of the multi billion dollar e-learning industry!

GLN provides you with outstanding digital marketing training, resources and tools to ensure you are positioned to have maximum success starting from day one.

At GLN, we truly believe that living the laptop lifestyle includes having a simple blueprint that anyone can follow.

Once you join the Genesis Lifestyle Network, you will receive access to our automated marketing system that will do all the telling and selling for you!

There are five levels of membership with GLN, plus a free tire-kicker membership for those who are unsure and want to see what’s inside 😉

The Five levels of membership are Beginner, Pro, Advanced, Elite and VIP. I strongly suggest the Elite or VIP membership to maximize your efforts and your income.

At GLN, we truly believe that our members need a simple to understand compensation plan.

We give our members the ability to earn on their first sale to infinity and pay out a whopping 100% commissions on all of our core products.

We want to reward our members and we truly believe our compensation plan can benefit any person with any experience level.

With our free package, you still have the ability to earn a residual commission by referring others to our recommended tool suite that will help you build the GLN Marketing System!

CLICK HERE to Join GLN Today and become part of the family that earns!

Results Do Happen

This week, I decided to take a break from my regular marketing and send out an ad for the CLB Quick Start Guide.

Here is the Capture Page I used

I sent my regular ad, which I include below, out to the Viral Mailers that I use (about 30). As you can see from the image below, I generated 609 unique clicks and there were 7 conversions.

Conversions are people who filled out the form on the Capture page, in other words, conversions mean subscribers!

We use and recommend Hits Connect for tracking your traffic and conversions

Subscribers are one thing, action takers are another.

My 7 subscribers generated a new member in CLB Learning who took action right away and joined our Telegram Group and our Facebook Group.

So, if you are wondering if Viral Mailers work, the answer is yes they do.

CAUTION: You want to start slowly with Mailers, adding one at a time and making sure you have each mailer setup with your profile and banner/text ads. We have a great training on Viral Mailers available here

CLB Learning offers everything you need to master the art of building your list and generating income online.

Get started with CLB Learning today!