Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you will find some of the most frequently asked questions at CLB.  If you have a question that is not listed here, simply post a comment and we’ll add it.

How Do I Contact Support?

You can reach CLB Support at any of the contact resources listed here:

Phone/Text or Whatsapp Janet Legere @ 403-512-2911
Email CLB Admin @ admin@clblearning.com
Telegram @janetlegere

What is the RSG System?

The RSG System is the Ready Set Go Marketing System found in the members area of Contact List Builder.  Login to CLB at http://www.clblearning.com/login.php and click the Blue Button that says Ready Set Go Marketing System.  Read and follow the instructions to setup your Autoresponder and Lead Capture page and begin advertising to Build Your List.

The RSG System is where it all happens.

How much does it cost to upgrade at CLB?

The cost for our new Premium Membership is $19.97 a month with a 7 day free trial.  Occasionally, we offer a Lifetime Membership.

How much money can I make at CLB?

The question on everyone’s mind, how much money can I really make?  I put together a blog post to show you exactly how much money you can make with CLB.  You can review the details here:  How Much Money Can I Make With CLB

When will I get paid my commissions?

We pay commissions once your balance reaches $10 or more.  We pay commissions on or before the 15th of the month following the month you earned the commissions.  Example, commissions earned in March and balancing over $10 will be paid on or before April 15th.

Can you train my whole team?

Absolutely!  That’s what our system is designed for.  We train YOUR team on how to attract prospects for YOUR business.  You get to focus on feeding your business and we will train your new people how to use our system.

How long will it take to set up?

That really depends on your experience.   It can take  2 or 3 hours or it may take a few days.  We are here to help you each step of the way so that you learn the right way.

I can’t afford to upgrade will i still make money?

Yes you can, as a free affiliate, we still pay you 10% on any upgrades at CLB.   Some of the other programs also pay their free affiliates.  As you earn, you can reinvest in upgrades.

How does the downline builder work?

The downline builder is a unique way to maintain downline integrity.   The programs listed in our downline builder are programs that we use to build your list.  We teach you how to use each of the programs in the downline builder.  You enter your IDs into the fields for each program and this attaches those programs to you.  Then, when you refer others to CLB and we teach them to follow the Ready Set Go (RSG) Marketing System, they will join those programs under you!   If they upgrade, you will earn a commission.

What happens if I am not upgraded? Do I miss out of sales?

As a free member, you will earn 10% referral commissions on anyone that you sponsor who upgrades in CLB.

How long will it take me to build my list?

You could be building your list in as little as a few hours.  It really depends on your experience and the resources you have available.  As a new person, you can expect to begin seeing subscribers in your first month if you follow our RSG system.

What is an LCP?

An LCP is short for Lead Capture Page.

DO I have to Work at this?

Yes – you need to follow the daily activities to get traffic to your Lead Capture page.  It’s an adventure, come have fun!

Will this interfere with my current programs?

No, at CLB you are learning to build your list. You will be able to promote your other programs to your new subscribers.

Can someone build my LCP?

Yes, we offer a service to have your LCP setup for you.  The fee is $100.  The fee includes setting up your Auto-Responder campaign and form for CLB and creating  your AdKreator Lead Capture page complete with picture and optin form.  Contact Support For This Service at contactlistbuilder@gmail.com.

Can someone setup my system?

As above, we can setup your complete system for $100.

What does Optin Mean?

Optin is a short form for someone who subscribes to list.  You “Opt in” to receive information.  An “Optin Form” is a form on a website that the visitor can fill out to subscribe to the owner’s list.

What is a Lead Funnel?

A Lead Funnel is a system where your subscriber is directed to other programs and services you are part of.  We show you how to setup a Lead Funnel through the Contact List Builder system.

Where can I find the Webinar Replays?

You will find our Webinar Replays here:  http://contactlistbuilder.com/blog/clb-member-training-videos/

The page requires a password.  As Webinars and replays are for Members Only, You will need to request the password in the Skype Group or by sending an email to contactlistbuilder@gmail.com

CW Net Blogs

Here you will find Questions pertaining to CW Net Blogs

How do I setup my Affiliate ID for CWNetBlogs?

You will find detailed instructions on how to setup your Affiliate ID for CW Net Blogs on the CWNetBlogs Members Blog – CLICK HERE