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Finding Success

In order to have a successful blog the first thing you must absolutely do is to create a plan. Not just any old plan you write on the back of a napkin or a scrap a paper, a business plan.

You are here to make money, and lots of it. Without a plan, a roadmap, you are doomed to become very frustrated and give up.

Genesis Lifestyle for the Affiliate Marketing Novice and Newby

There are hundreds if not thousands of affiliate programs out there that are designed to help the novice get started. Genesis Lifestyle . It is not easy creating a successful affiliate marketing business. However there are three major technologies that you absolutely must have in order to compete and win at the affiliate marketing game.

  1. Lead Capture Pages
  2. Auto Responders
  3. Traffic Resources

And this is where Genesis Lifestyle Network helps in a big way.

Lead Capture Pages

Genesis Lifestyle provides the affiliate professionally designed Lead Capture Pages that will guide your prospect to sign up through your affiliate link as a free or paid membership. The majority will proceed with the free membership which will give them an opportunity to explore the program (for seven days) as if they were a fully paid Mastery Member.

Auto Responder

During the seven day period and beyond these prospects will begin to receive a series of Auto Response sales messages outlining the benefits and potential life changing income GLN can provide.  These messages are provided for them. So there is no need to stress about setting up your own auto response series, its plug and play.

Also included is a downline mailer for affiliates to reach out to their prospects with important informational broadcasts, such as webinar invites or additional content your prospects may enjoy (like your latest post)

Reaching out to your prospects helps to develop relationships so they get to know, like and trust you.

Traffic Resources

Genesis Lifestyle Network provides the affiliate/prospect several traffic resources and affiliate programs. Viral Mailers and Solo Ad providers (free and paid). These are extremely important traffic generating tools especially for your prospects who are new to online marketing. It gives them everything they need to begin a profitable journey with online marketing.

In Conclusion

Genesis Lifestyle Network is often referred to as a set and forget marketing system. Although the program does do the heavy lifting for you, there is no business out there that is truly set and forget. Nor should it be. A profitable business must be hands on. After all it is your future and it would be a huge mistake leaving it to anyone other than yourself.

Creating a sustainable business of any kind takes a great deal of planning and effort on your part. Success does not just happen. Ongoing education and learning allows you to add new procedures and activities that will keep your business relevant and profitable. To achieve this GLN provides their affiliates online learning and personal support.


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  1. michael J. Lipsey  December 16, 2021

    Once again I’m impressed with the simple approach to affiliate marketing. Putting everything steps one step two step three setting everything up and then pursuing your dream . Having your plan set out before you and then do the daily activities to make your plan come to life. Thanks Don

    • Don Legere  December 16, 2021

      When people join a program that offers a whole range of products and services they tend to want to sell the whole chunk. The individual affiliate programs can and should be marketed as a stand alone sale. As my Dad used to say, “Go after the low lying fruit and you will fill your bushel in no time at all.”

  2. Dusty+Staggs  January 6, 2022

    Hey Brother Don Thanks for this post. Consistency is the key and you and Janet have been great mentors for me for the past ten years. GLN is a great money maker and training platform.

    • Don Legere  January 8, 2022

      You are absolutely bang on Dusty. Consistency is the key to your success. I also agree GLN provides the format to figure out your strengths. Whether it is blogging, video marketing, crypto etc. Best of luck to you my friend.


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