The Traffic Leads 2 Income VM Traffic Coop

Rob Gehring offers a Traffic Coop via his Viral Mailer, TL2IVM. Shares are only $50 each and are commissionable.

We highly recommend you use the following pages for the Coop. The CLB 500 Page is converting best at the moment.

Login to the Conversion Pros and use the following share codes to setup a Capture Page and Landing Page. If you are unsure how to setup pages in TCP, please refer back to the quick start guide for full instructions.

Capture Page clb500coop – Share Code bdf6aed7

You will need to select your campaign and edit redirect link on the form. Remember to save your lander

Landing Page clb500signupcoop – Share Code 7c13cfdf

You will need to edit the Signup Link as well as your contact info and the information for the Social Networks.

You are now ready to purchase your Coop Shares and get the Tracking Code from Rob Gehring.

Login to TrafficLeads2IncomeVM and click on Buy Credits to choose from one of the Traffic Coop options

Once you purchase your Coop Share, you need to submit a support ticket to receive the Tracking Code for your Landing Page.

When you receive your Tracking Code, you will return to The Conversion Pros and your Landing Page to add the Tracking Code for the Traffic Coop.

Access your Landing Page clb500signupcoop

From the Advanced section, click on Tracking Code and add the code you received from Rob Gehring.

Remember to save your lander

Test your capture page and make sure you are being redirected to the proper landing page.

You are now ready to send your link to Rob, either via the TL2IVM Support System.

Rob tests all pages and will make sure the tracking is properly setup.