Got Backup Added To Downline Builder


Got Backup Is A MUST Have Tool

As of Sunday, October 25, Got Backup is now a resident in our CLB Downline Builder. I believe Got Backup is an essential tool for your business and personal files. It is SO simple to setup and use, anyone can do this! They offer complete training on how to setup Got Backup for your devices.

You can choose a single account or a family account. The family ...

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5 Legal Must-Haves for Your Website – Copyblogger

“Most of your customers don’t walk around handing out their credit card information and home addresses to shady characters on the street. In fact, most people these days wouldn’t even give their email addresses to those they don’t really know. Ditto on the Internet.”

The Legalities of Online Marketing

Are you marketing a product or service on line? Are you building a subscriber list? If you are there are several legal requirements that you must adhere to. Rachel Rodgers is an intellectual property ...

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The Beginner’s Guide to Business Planning

“Most kids make extra cash by setting up a lemonade stand, but one little girl has much bigger ambitions and knows exactly how to make her dreams come true.”

This 9-Year-Old Girl’s 7 Step Business Plan is Guaranteed to Work for Anyone!

Success is found in the simplicity of things. Rylee, a 9-year-old, lists the 7 things she has to get done to start a successful business. When this article appeared in the Huffington Post we had to share it here on the ...

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How Do I Build My List

Building Your List With The Contact List Builder

The Contact List Builder is a training and mentoring program where our focus is helping you learn how to setup your own auto-responder, create a lead capture page and advertise to build your list. At the same time, we are helping you to create your personal brand with our customized capture pages.

It seems complicated and can appear overwhelming. If you follow the simple steps, you can be setup and building in a short ...

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What does it cost to get started

Program Costs To Setup Contact List Builder

Members and guests often ask, how much does it cost to get started in CLB. This post will explain the costs associated with setting up your Lead Capture page, the CLB way, so that you can begin building your list of subscribers right away.

The process is rather simple.

  1. Setup your auto-responder and optin-form
  2. Setup your lead capture page
  3. Advertise your lead capture page

The programs in our downline builder are programs you will use to setup and promote ...

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CLB Announces Club Shop Rewards

Club Shop Rewards Joins The CLB Downline Builder

We are excited to announce the addition of Club Shop Rewards to our Contact List Builder Downline Builder.

Club Shop Rewards is a program that pays you to shop. The Company is associated with Big Name Stores who offer Cash rebates and/or points through the Club Shop Rewards program.

How does Club Shop Rewards work?

It’s fairly simple.  You login to your Club Shop Rewards back office and click on ...

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Colors? How to Communicate to Get What You Want.

What personality type are you? Experts have agreed that there are four basic personality types that have been assigned the colors Yellow, Red, Blue and Green.

What’s your Personalities Color? Yellow, red, blue or green?

Many organizations use a simple personality test in order to determine a candidates suitability for employment. Each personality is classed as yellow, red, green or blue. The yellow personality type is generally regarded as the life of the party. Red is dominating, Blue is meticulous and green needs ...

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Social Media Sharing: Infographic

Hey everyone. Here is a handy info graphic that all social media and internet marketers should keep pinned to their desktops. Like the majority of all marketers, you are looking for more social shares, likes and readers for your blog.

Social Sharing with Exacting Accuracy

social sharing on twitterYes sharing on social networks play a huge role in your success. However, if your sharing practices are below standard, your market reach ...

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Mobile Marketing and the Need for Responsive Designs

Mobile Marketing – “The mobile first web design philosophy has been bandied around now for some years. When we first started to hear about it probably back in about 2009 or so, possibly a bit earlier I think its fair to say that many people were at first sceptical about the approach. One such person was of course Luke Wroblewski, author of Mobile First, and who in fact claims to have been the one who first coined the term.”

Responsive Web ...

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