CLB Training Videos

In this section, you will find training videos that take you through our CLB System and cover the steps in our 3 Step Quick Start Guide. You will find the updated 3 Step Quick Start Guide in the CLB Members area under the Downloads section.

The Ready Set Go Marketing System

Janet discussed how the Ready Set Go Marketing System works and how you can build your list and create over 10 income streams with ONE system.

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Your Primary Business & The Downline Builder

In this training call, we discussed how you can generate leads for your Primary Business by introducing your prospects to Contact List Builder. Not only will you develop leads for your business, you will create additional income streams from the programs in our Downline Builder

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Slide Presentation

For some reason, the screen share didn’t capture my slides moving so I created a PDF file with the slides so you can follow along

Click here for the Slide Presentation in PDF

Your CLB Capture Page

Discover how simple it is to setup your first CLB Capture page with The Conversion Pros. In this training, we show you how to use the Shared codes for the Auto-Responder, Capture Page and Landing Page.

Here is the Capture Page you are creating is this one: Your page will have YOUR TCP username in it.


Auto-Responder Code 9803b85f
Landing Page: clblanding SHARED CODE 80a6ead8
Capture Page: clb SHARED CODE a8348ac2

And you’ll need your CLB ID NUMBER for this redirect link. Your CLB ID number is located in the Affiliate Toolbox inside the CLB Members area

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Advertising With Solo Ads

In this training session, Janet takes you through the steps to setup your account at Udimi, setup your Solo Ad Copy, select a Solo ad Provider and purchase a solo ad.

Here is the Solo Ad you can edit and use for Udimi

Janet takes you through the steps use the Udimi service to send a solo ad. You will learn how to setup your swipe copy, locate solo providers and purchase your solo ad.

Here is the ad I used

SUBJECT: This is True Freedom .. with Janet Legere


Discover What True Freedom Means With
24 Hour Access To Janet Legere’s CLB
System & Team.

Your Results Are Guaranteed When You
Follow Her Proven Funded System.

Get Started For Free Now

You’ll thank me!


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Viral Mailers

In this training session, Janet takes you through the steps to setup and use Viral Mailers. You’ll learn some simple strategies to take advantage of this lucrative method of advertising.

Here is the Ad used on the Webinar

SUBJECT: True Freedom is here … with Janet Legere


Discover The Secrets To Creating
Multiple Income Streams With Our
Simple Proven Funded Sponsoring

Your Results Are Guaranteed When You
Follow Janet Legere’s Proven System.

Get Started For Free Now

You’ll thank me!


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Content Curation & Blogging

On this training call, we talked about the Curation Works training, what curating content is, where to find the training videos and we showed several examples of Curated content on different blogs.

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Got Backup – Protecting Your Priceless Files

On this training call, Janet will talk about the Got Backup program and why this was added to CLB.  Discover how to automatically backup your files to unlimited storage accessible from anywhere anytime!

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CLB Skype Seeker

Discover this hidden gem that will turn your Skype into a sponsoring machine. On this hangout, you will about the new CLB Skype Seeker and how to use this great tool to communicate with your contacts and keep that relationship building alive and well. You are going to LOVE this tool!?
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