10 Strategies to Get Your First 100 Email Subscribers

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Email Subscribers –“The quickest way to go from no traffic to 10,000 readers is to become someone else’s poster child.” …

10 Strategies to Get Your First 100 Email Subscribers

Your #1 Focus — Build Your Subscriber List

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It has always been said that the money is in the list. The bigger the list, the more prospects you can connect with and build relationships. Emails are still more effective than any social network.

Social networks are great places to get you known; however, it is much more difficult to build relationships. Have you seen how fast your post can be pushed down the list on most social sites? Unfortunately, if people don’t see your post within seconds after posting, your message is lost. Your goal is to pique your prospect’s interest and get them to sign up on your list. Now you can build that relationship and have your subscribers anxious to get your next email.

I am always on the hunt for new ways to build my list and found this great article on the topic of getting subscribers on your list. Rather than go through all different ways to grow your list….I’m going to direct you to this great article by Noah Kagan from In it you’ll find a great source of information about methods to get your first 100 subscribers, as well as methods to get traffic to your website.

How to get your first 100 email subscribers –

I’ve also found this to be a hugely popular topic on my blog. After doing a bit of brainstorming I ran an experiment. I setup a quasi contest where my readers could vote on which variation of a split test they thought converted the best.

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Have Opt-in Relate to Post

You want to make sure the opt-in offer on your blog relates to your blog posts. If you are writing posts about marketing, your opt-in should be an offer for more information on marketing. The one major mistake of bloggers is that they will blog about marketing, then have an opt-in on writing an ebook. The blog post and opt-in are unrelated.

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