10 Stupid Steps to Become The Worst Marketer Alive

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Email Marketing — “Being honest is so overrated. If you’re honest, you’re lowering your sales.” …

10 Stupid Steps to Become The Worst Marketer Alive

Many Marketers Pursuing This Strategy

I don’t know, for the life of me, why anyone would want to be the worst marketer alive. However, if there is a need, I will gladly provide the information.

Maybe it’s too difficult or too time consuming or even too expensive to become the best marketer alive, why not settle for second best. You don’t really expect to reach your goals anyway.

Rather than degrade your intelligence by revealing these 10 stupid steps to become the worst marketer alive, … I’m going to direct you to the best article ever written on the subject by Karol Krol from In it you’ll find a great source of information that good marketers ignore and bad marketers are craving to learn.

How to Be the Worst Email Marketer in 10 Easy Steps —

To create content, you actually have to possess some knowledge about something. But to promote an affiliate product, for example… you don’t need anything at all.

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Really? Really?

The purpose for marketing online is to make money! With this strategy and mindset, you will never make any money and definitely won’t be on any leader board.

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