17 Alternative Ways to Create Content

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Adding Content –“Instead of words, fill your blog posts with pictures.” …

17 Alternative Ways to Create Content

No Words Needed

content is king
Having a steady steam of content on your blog is a must if you want to have your readers re-visit and share your content. Only issue is, not everyone is a natural born writer.

Now this is where your creativity comes into play. How about placing images on your blog that tells your story; or, do a quote collection that will bring back readers who want to be inspired. The possibilities are endless.

Eric Siu from wrote an awesome article on different ways to create content for your blog without writing a single word.

17 Content Pieces You Can Create Without Writing a Single Word —

If you come across an interesting blog post in your industry, reach out to the author to seek permission to re-blog the post on your site.

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Let Your Imagination Run Wild

After reading Eric’s article, start letting your imagination run wild. Take any of these suggestions and give it your own personal twist. Being creative on how you deliver your message to your readers is a great way to Brand You. So get out there and create your own style.

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