5 Profitable Niche Markets for Making Money Online

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What’s a Niche?

niche market is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focused. The Health Industry, for example  is incredibly large and generates enormous profits for online and home based marketers. This market can be segmented into many subcategories (niches), health, beauty, home care and fitness. Taking it a step further, the subcategory health can also be divided into smaller market segments. Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Kids Health.

Focusing your efforts on building a business in an already-popular niche is a great way to get your online venture off the ground. There’s no guesswork here. You know these are products people want; and they’re based on innate human desires and needs that are never going away. Read More Here

Top Money Making Niches for the Blogger and Online Marketer

  1. Fitness and Weight loss
  2. Health
  3. Self Improvement
  4. Money and Investments
  5. Make Money Online

Within each of these niches you have a huge head start. A market already exists. Profits are already being made. As a blogger/marketer you simply need to do your market and keyword research and create content that appeals to your audience. This will take time, dedication and hard work. It does not matter whether you are selling affiliate products or have created products on your own. Your goal is to go where the money is at and carve out your own masterpiece.

Niche marketing has and always will be the most profitable approach to online business success. You will need many online tools and resources to help you along the way. Perhaps even a mentor. Some one who can help guide you get the results you are looking for.

In the next article I will dive into keyword research and article ideas that will have you making money online in no time at all.


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  1. Michael Lipsey  December 8, 2021

    Thanks, Don. I really like the way you put online tools and resources for GLN. Slick.

    • Don Legere  December 16, 2021

      Thanks Michael, I appreciate your comments. The Fact is GLN offers a lot for the online marketer/blogger. The trick is to not be tied to the bundled approach of GLN. For example, rather than posting an article about GLN, post about the affiliate programs that you use or like the most. This will in fact improve your revenue stream, because many will not be willing to spend the big bucks but are most likely to purchase an affiliate program that is of course found in both Contact List Builder and Genesis Lifestyle Network.

  2. Dusty Staggs  January 6, 2022

    Wow! Don always the teacher. Your insight to this system is absolutely the best. Thanks for your guidance.

    • Don Legere  January 8, 2022

      Thanks for the kind words Dusty. Figuring out your niche is the most important thing you can do. Working a niche that you are not really interested in will give you mediocre results and lead to long term frustration.


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