5 Tips to Keep from Being Annoying in Your Follow Ups

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Follow Up — “The fear is understandable. No one wants to be annoying or bothersome to a professional contact” …

5 Tips to Keep from Being Annoying in Your Follow Ups

1 Tip: Avoid a Negative Tone

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Most of us older generation, grew up hearing our parents say “children should be seen and not heard”. This phrase keep me from wanting to approach people. I did not want to be a bother or be annoying or worse, upset anybody.

You will need to cover come your shyness. In order to really grow your business, you have to stay in contact with your prospects. It is your job to follow up. Now, it may be questioned how often should you follow up. Some say as many as it takes; others say only once a week. Either way, when you do it the right way, you won’t appear annoying.

Rather than go through all these amazing tips, … I’m going to direct you to a great article by Elliott Bell from In it you’ll find a great source of information about rules to remember when following up with your prospect to keep from being annoying..

5 Ways to Follow Up Without Being Annoying —

If you don’t get a response, it doesn’t mean that someone’s ignoring you — it just may mean that he or she is too busy.

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Do a Little Research

A great way to follow up without being annoying is to do a little research first. Find out if your prospect is on any social media sites and find something of interest to your prospect. Then write your follow up mentioning the reader’s interest. You would be surprised how many will eventually reply back to you.

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