Allowing Your Personality to Show Through Your Emails

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Email Marketing — “People use language in different ways, and those differences are a function of their personality. ” …

Allowing Your Personality to Show Through Your Emails

Stay True to Yourself

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Everyone has their own writing style. Depending on the continued use of certain keywords or phrases, you will start to show your true personality trait in your emails.

Take a look at the types of words people using in their emails. If they use a lot of “I, me, or myself”, then their personality trait may be described as narcissists; they talk way to much about themselves. You also have those that are artistic. They enjoy using big words that most people would need to get out a dictionary to even understand what is written.

I’m going to direct you to a great article by Thomas Chamorro-Premuzic from In it you’ll find a great source of information about what your email style reveals about your personality.


There is also huge variability in people’s communicational style, even when the words may not differ that much. For instance, absence of typos is a sign of conscientiousness, perfectionism, and obsessionality. Poor grammar reflects lower levels of IQ and academic intelligence.

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Evaluate Your Writing Style

There are also those that try to be something they are not. Look at your writing style. Does it say something about you or does it sound like someone else wrote it. Remember, people will only deal with those who are real. Evaluate your writing habits and, if needed, start showing a little bit more of your own personality.

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