Are 5 Year Plans Really Necessary for Success?

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“While some people are laser focused on where they’re headed, many I know dread being asked about their five year plan.” …

Are 5 Year Plans Really Necessary for Success?

Answer May Surprise You

Like most people, it may be difficult to have a clear vision on where we are going in life and in business. Many entrepreneurs are multipassionate and may not know which passion will end up being the dominate one. While others are just unsure of themselves and afraid to look that far into the future.

So is it really necessary to have a clear 5 year plan in place in order to move towards success?

To answer that question, I like to direct you to an edisode of MarieTV hosted by Marie Forleo. Marie talks about why you don’t need a five year plan.

Why You Don’t Need A Five Year Plan –

Do you have trouble articulating the big vision you’re working towards? Do you ever wonder if you need to start with a clear vision of your end goal in order to create success?

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Just Keep Moving Forward

Whether you know your dominate passion or not, all you have to do is give it your all and the right path will emerge in front of you. Then you can focus on that clear vision and have all the success you want in your life.

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