Are You Building A Relationship With Your List

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Are You Building A Relationship With Your List

Lot’s of excitement going on in the CLB Skype room this morning when the yesterday’s contest results were posted.  As your lost increases, it can become time consuming to contact your list on a recurring basis. It’s critical to continually be building a relationship and to build upon those relationship.

How Do we Continue Building A Relationship

Most of us use an autoresponder to help communicate with are list. But sometimes the letters used are pure advertisement, BIG MISTAKE.  In our chat this morning I posted my second follow-up letter to share with everyone. This one included personal information about me and it had five links, one to each of my two blogs, my about me page, Facebook and Twitter.  After some discussion, Janet piped in and said that the links may cause your email to be identified as spam and I really need to break up my follow-up letter into several smaller letters with only one link.

With-in thirty minutes written five new follow-up letters, each with one link and all having a call to action. More importantly, I was not selling nothing, I was building my relationship by offering my help and providing them how to contact me.

Plant the Seed and Keep it Growing

Staying in contact shows you care.  In your prospecting and recruiting efforts, you planted seeds to start the relationship building process.  Stay in touch with your list.  Doing so will show you care and value them.  Staying in touch will also provide you with an opportunity to get additional business and to strengthen the relationship.

Make certain they are tapping into the resources and getting off to a good start. For CLB, its the Ready, Set, Go Marketing System. Note that in each of my follow-up letters, I refer to the marketing system to make sure they are progressing along and if not, what can I do to help.

Samples of My Follow-up Letters

The following are my follow-up letters that I use for my CLB list. I’m adding a new letter each week that provides them training, ideas, encouragement etc. When I’m finished this year, I will have 62 follow-up letters for my CLB list. You are welcome to copy these and modify them to help get you started. You should have an idea now and where I’m going – building a relationship with my list.

Day 1 Follow-up Letter:

%%SubscriberFirstName%%, thank you and glad to have you on board at CLB.

My name is Michael Camire and one of your coaches at CLB. I wanted to introduce myself to you and connect.

Here is a little bit about me.

I’m originally from the State of Maine and left there many years ago to travel the world. Well the USAF sent me right back to Maine for the first five years of my military career. Then they played a joke on me and sent to the other end of the state to Pease AFB in NH (on the border) for 3 more years. I finally left and went to the Azores and loved it there. From there I went to Pope AFB, NC then to England for five years and finally ended up in Alabama where I retired and stayed.

I have six children and eleven grandchildren. I have an exotic bird business where we rescue parrots and supply exotic bird feed and supplies (love it). I’m also a quality assurance manager for a software development company in TX but work out of the office in my store. Since 2005, I have been playing around with Internet Marketing and also having lots of fun learning, meeting people (the best part) and marketing all over the internet.

My wife and I also have an exotic bird specialty store to help support all the rescued parrots.

Would to hear more about you, so please email me back or connect on Skype.

Blessing and again thanks for the connection.

Michael Camire
Skype Me: pratbirdman

Day 4 Follow-up Letter:

Hey %%SubscriberFirstName%%,

Hopefully by now you have started the Ready, Set, Go Marketing System steps in your back office of Contact List Builder. Its the blue button just below the Janet’s video. Follow these steps and you will be up and marketing on the Internet in a couple of hours.

I also wanted to let you know that other than Skype, we can also connect on Facebook. We have a very active CLB group there and I invite you to connect with me and I’ll add you to the CLB Facebook group. You can connect with me at

To Your Success,

Michael Camire
Contact List Builder
Skype Me: pratbirdman

Day 6 Follow-up Letter:

Hope all is going GREAT for you %%SubscriberFirstName%%.

By now you should have gone through the Ready, Set, Go Marketing System. Where you able to complete all the steps, if not or have questions, lets hook up right away either through Skype or Facebook. My username for both is “pratbirdman”.

Here at CLB we are all about you and making sure your successful and have a great experience with your Internet Marketing system.

I also wanted to introduce to you a third method of connecting with me and CLB in addition to Skype (pratbirdman) and Facebook (pratbirdman) and that is twitter. So lets connect using twitter at

To Your Success!

Michael Camire
Contact List Builder
Skype: pratbirdman

Day 8 Follow-up Letter:

Here we are one week later %%SubscriberFirstName%%.

I know by now you have completed and having fun marketing with the Ready, Set, Go Marketing System. Like I said, the steps are so easy to follow and now you have a marketing system all set up for you to be successful.

Janet also has weekly live training to help you create even greater success. The training schedule is posted in the back office under the left tab, Training and Event Schedule. To stay abreast of aons the going on at CLB, join the CLB Member List just below the Ready, Set, Go Marketing System on the Home page.

I love blogging about my success and sharing with others and its also another way of building your list and staying connected with your internet friends. Don’t know about or how to blog, don’t worry, CLB has training for this also. Here check out my blogs,

Hey, if you have a blog, please send me the link, I would love to read it and share it with my friends.

Remember, I’m available to you through Skype, Facebook and Twitter, all have the same Id, “pratbirdman”.

Michael Camire
Contact List Builder
Skype Me: pratbirdman

My Closing Advise

Create intimacy with your list.  In other words, genuine in  your concern for your list as a person.  Show them you are not just in it to get their money.  You must go beyond just an order taker and help people get what they want and need.  The difference between you and your competition will be the relationship you’ve built.  If you provide value through concern for them as a person and deliver quality support in every way possible, you will find your list will  be there for a long time.

Work closely and be supportive.  No one is guaranteed success.  However,  you will be amazed at how high of a success rate you will have with those you personally sponsor when you work closely with them and are supportive of their efforts.  Granted some people will never do what they need to do and you can’t build the business for them.  But, if you
provide support and show you care, you improve the retention of your list.

Thanks for reading.

Michael Camire
Contact List Builder
Founding Member

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  1. Mary Duff  January 9, 2014

    Michael what a great post this is you really have the knack for writing, you got all the important information that the rader needs and a lot more it show that being in CLB matters to and and you want it to matter to the new ones coming in behind you Well Done!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Brenda Lewis  January 9, 2014

    Michael, this is a great post. I will be editing my autoresponder messages right away. Shamefully, I don’t even remember what the current messages say. I’ve been scratching my head trying to figure out how to build a real relationship with my subscribers and now I have a game plan.

    Thank you so much for sharing,
    Brenda L (we have 2 Brendas in the group)

  3. Michael Camire  January 9, 2014

    Mary, thank you for your kind words. CLB has a very special place in my heart. CLB is who helped me move forward from being stuck in a rut for years. The RSS played a major part in my moving forward in my IM career. I’m now a proud owner of four sites myself, two TEs, TAE and a Viral Mailer. I will be sharing more in the future here at CLB.

  4. Tina Schraier  January 9, 2014


    You are a great coach and a great friend to all of us at CLB and I appreciate you !

    I am so glad you are here.

    Happy New Year 2014 to you and yours and all the birds that will
    be rescued this year.

    Thanks for your leadership,

    Tina Schraier

  5. Shirley Schwarz  January 9, 2014

    Michael, I was there this morning during the conversation
    about your blog. Janet was a very wise coach in suggesting
    you divide your blog up. Now you have come up with a
    series of auto responder letters for all of us to use. I
    sincerely thank you for your generousity in sharing them
    with us. Your messages speak to us in that we need to
    build that KNOW LIKE and TRUST factor. When we take
    ACTION and follow up we will be building not only our
    business but lasting friendships.

    Blessings to you,
    Shirley Schwarz

  6. Brenda Hall  January 9, 2014

    Michael this is a great post and a great writer. I too,would like to think you for sharing your autoresponder ideas with us. You are a blessing.
    Brenda Hall

  7. Michael Camire  January 9, 2014

    @Brenda L – I recall when I first started I had no idea what to say and write. I find it best to just be who you are, don’t be fake or try to be someone else. CLB changed my mindset and it’s really easy to write something pretty quick as I did this morning.

    @ Tina, thank you for those kind words – and remember we all learn from each other. One think I know for sure we are always learning, taking action and then sharing what worked – it not only helps others, its helping you get known all over the Internet as the person that helps – it’s called branding.

    @Shirley I’m glad how the chat turned out this morning – you never know what is going to happen – it was a great turn out and many benefited including me. Building that relationship is important to your business, it turns into trust and eventually income.

    All – got an emailed this evening that CLB will now have text notifications – guess what – here comes my next follow-up letter to the series providing another support method to our members how to stay connected with CLB.


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