Are You Depositing into the Relationship Account?

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Relationship Building — “Am I making any deposits into this account?” …

Are You Depositing into the Relationship Account?

You Get Back What You Put In

Todd Falcone
Do you have one of those fair-weather friends that only come around when they want something? Hope you are not one of those guys because, that could the reason why your business is failing.

In order to build relationships, you have to participate in the friendship. Check in on your friends everyone now and then, without even thinking about business. You want your friends to know you as a person who truly cares about them.

One of our good friends and a Legend at The Legends Network Todd Falcone from put together an awesome post on this is why more people don’t buy from you. He talks about the importance of depositing into the friendship account.

This is Why More People Don’t Buy from You —

Do you ever wonder why people choose NOT to do business with you?? Any time I lost a sale, or missed one, or someone who showed interest said “no” to me…I always wanted to know WHY.

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Make Deposits Daily

Being part of a community is a great way to build friendships and deposit into your account daily. Here at Contact List Builder, we enjoy getting to know you and build a friendship. Please be sure to join one of our premium members and start building long lasting relationships with leaders who care about your success.

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