August Announcements — We are Undergoing Renovations!

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under renovationHow time flies! It is already three weeks into August. Kids are heading back to school; parents are looking for ways to make extra money online to payoff all those back to school expenses.

We here at Contact List Builder thought a little renovation would be a great way to assist in that endeavor. Here are a few of the renovations taking place….

Changes to CLB Downline Builder

Skype Seek and Send

Skype has now been noted as one of the top resource to connect and build relationships online.  Learning how to communicate with your prospects is how you will grow your business.

The newest program added to the CLB downline builder is the Skype Seek and Send (S&S).  S&S is a great tool to use along with Skype to connect with prospects. Be able to search for skype ID on the internet by company or keywords.  And Inform your list of important events and training.

Now, Skype Seek & Send is an affiliate program, therefore, adds another stream of income to the CLB Sales Funnel.

Auto-Responder Goes Generic

As a CLB member, you now have the option of adding your own auto-responder.  We still recommend using GVO and instructions will still be available in the RSG system.

You will have access to all of the auto-responder messages.  We are still working on providing share codes for each of the major auto-responders, such as, Aweber, TrafficWave, Get Response and Response Magic.

Udimi Replaces Safe-Swap

Safe-Swap use to allow you to purchase solo ads from other members; also swap lists with other member at no cost. They now have split up the two services and created for the purchase of solo ads.

Purchasing a solo ad is still the best way to grow your list fast.  Therefore, has been added to the CLB downline builder.

Overhaul of the Ready, Set, Go Marketing System

The network marketing industry is rapidly changing and Contact List Builder is on the edge of the latest trends.   Therefore, we are constantly upgrading our RSG system to meet the demands of our clients and prospects.

The Ready, Set, Go Marketing system will continue to provide step by step instructions to create a personalized lead capture page, set up an auto-responder and how to advertise on various marketing platforms.

The RSG System is also a training center on where to find prospects on social media sites and Skype.  Learn how to connect and follow up with your prospects.

One of our focus is to create a  networking group.  The group would consist of participating members who will Like, Comment and Share posts of all members in this special group.

Be sure to invite your guests to check out the new and improve Ready, Set, Go Marketing System and connect with a Legend, Janet Legere.

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  1. Rahimah Sultan  August 23, 2014

    I love keeping informed of the latest going on at Contact List Builder.
    Thanks for all the updates!

  2. Ernestine Emery  August 23, 2014

    Thanks for the great system and all the updates you provide.

  3. Maurice C Wagner  August 25, 2014

    Thank you for the updates Janet.


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