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Congratulations to our August Members

Congratualtions to the following members for sponsoring new members to CLB in August

Barbara Arbster
Wayne Randall
Kent Bayne
Anderson Goncalves
Ricardo Weatherly
Ferdinand Ohgenerie
Dusty Staggs
Kevin Michaud
Matthew Radin
Maurice Flynn
Fern Ouellette
Chuck Williams
Ron Arrow
Carlos Loureiro
Dean Hamblin
Jasmine Kim
Glen Palo
Darla Key

The following members earned Commissions this month (Paid on or before the 15th)

Matthew Radin
Adrienne Franklin
Darren Olander
Darla Key
Chuck Williams
David Coney

How do you get on the list? It’s simple. Setup your Capture page and promote! Login to CLB and download our 3 Step Quick Start Guide for simple instructions to make it happen!


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