CLB 3 Step Quick Start Guide

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The NEW CLB Quick Start Guide

At last, the new steps are ready!

The new CLB 3 Step Quick Start Guide is your guide to help you understand the CLB system and setup your Capture page, promote and followup.

The new report is branded with the affiliate links. If you are an upgraded member at CLB, your report is branded with YOUR affiliate links.

Download The Free Report

The Quick Start Guide is available to ALL members in the DOWNLOADS section in the back office. to login

Click on DOWNLOADS then click locate the

    CLB 3 Step Quick Start Guide

, then click the link to download the report as shown in the diagram below.


What’s Inside the CLB Quick Start Guide?


Your complete Step by Step Guide



Branded for Upgraded Members

If you are an upgraded member in CLB, the links in the report are branded to you!


I am excited about our new report and look forward to your feedback. Please comment below and remember to like and share our blog!

Thank you for your continued support at the Contact List Builder,

Janet & Don Legere




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  1. Garry Smith  June 15, 2016

    Some very useful information
    Thanks Janet and Don

  2. Eileen Harvey  June 16, 2016

    This is so helpful.
    Thank you for the information
    Also, Love the New logo!

  3. Andrew Weiner  June 16, 2016

    Wow, very impressive and as you would expect, highly detail oriented! A great tool!

  4. Rahimah Sultan  June 16, 2016

    A GREAT, well-written detailed guide. The videos are wonderful. This is a marvelous resource. Thank you.


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