CLB Learning Mastery LIVE at Click Track Profit

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Today is an exciting day as the new CLB Learning Mastery program is LIVE inside the Click Track Profit members area.

To access CLB Learning Mastery, you will need to be a member of Click Track Profit which can be found in the Downline Builder of CLB Learning.  You will find the Downline Builder in the Affiliate Toolbox.

Remember to update your Referral ID for Click Track Profit!

Once you are registered for Click Track Profit, you will login to access the Mastery Training

Once in the Mastery Section, you can locate the CLB Learning Master Program.

Click each box, beginning with the Signup, and complete each step.

PLEASE NOTE:  The Telegram, Facebook Group and Funnel need to be activated manually. You can contact me via our Telegram group to let me know these steps are complete and I will activate your badge for that step.

Once you complete all the steps, you will receive a Mastery Badge. Congratulations are in order!

But wait, there’s more … COMING SOON, you will earn badges for signing up for the CLB Blog and posting regular blog posts to your CLB Blog.

Stay tuned, more great training coming soon to CLB Learning!



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