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The CLB Learning Mastery Program is in the works at Click Track Profit and we are very excited to launch this special program for our CLB Learning family.

Through Click Track Profit, you will be able to unlock your Mastery Badge for CLB Learning.

You will earn your CLB Learning Mastery Badge by signing up, setting up your profile, joining our Telegram and FB Groups, Upgrading, setting up and building!

Through this exciting Mastery Program, you will develop all the skills required to grow your business. This new addition to CLB Learning is expected to help members stay focused and generate activity, build their list and grow their income!

Click Track Profit is just as its name indicates. The training offered at CTP is outstanding and you can be educated on a variety of topics. Along with the Basics of Internet Marketing, you can learn Content Marketing, Email Marketing, HTML, get educated on Crypto Currencies and more.

The training is broken down into lit bits that are simple to digest, much like the training at CLB Learning.

And remember, the CLB Blogging Platform, through the Steempress plugin, posts automatically to the CTP Talk system which is part of the Click Track Profit program. Through CTP Talk, you can earn crypto currency – and you will learn all about this, through the basic training at CTP!

We are excited for this new partnership as we feel that CTP covers all aspects of Internet Marketing that may not be covered directly at CLB Learning.

If you aren’t yet a member of Click Track Profit, you will find it in the Downline Builder at CLB Learning


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  1. Don Legere  June 24, 2020

    I actually love the little logo…


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