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Congratulations, you joined our CLB Learning program and now you are wondering what’s next. Or, perhaps you are just looking and wondering how it all works. Either way, I am here to help with a list of six (6) simple tasks.

  1. Step one: Login to the Members area
  2. Step two:  Join our Telegram Group
  3. Step three:  Join our Facebook Group
  4. Step four: Like our Facebook Page
  5. Step five: Subscribe to our YouTube channel
  6. Step six: Download the CLB Quick Start Guide and begin your CLB Funnel Setup (Consider Upgrading to rebrand this report and access all the benefits of a CLB Upgraded member)

Everything you need to get started is located on the main page of your members area

Just scroll down and access each step.

On the left menu, you will find easy access to our CLB Funnel Setup, the CLB Quick Start Guide, Live Training, Training Replays and Upgraded membership bonuses!

Everything in easy reach!

Remember, the first order of business is to join our Telegram group so we can assist you with any and all of your marketing and business building questions.






Download the CLB Quick Start Guide to begin your CLB Setup

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  1. Michael Lipsey  July 7, 2020

    I love it. Simple. Easy to follow.


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