CLB Update July 28, 2011

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Contact List Builder Update

July 28, 2011

Hello members and guests!  Welcome to the Contact List Builder.

Don and I are very excited about the progress with CLB and it’s keeping us very busy, especially with managing our Prospect Geyser Programs and working with our new CLB Founders.

I feel like a kid on Christmas eve … it’s the only way to explain that tingly feeling I have when I talk about Contact List Builder and our vision for the future.

Please do watch for regular updates posted here on this blog.  Your input, comments and suggestions are all welcomed!

Below, you will find a summary of what’s included in this first update.

We look forward to growing with you,

Janet & Don Legere
The Contact List Builder

Today’s CLB update includes

  • Password Reset now working
  • Unsubscribe Links now working
  • New theme on websites
  • Affiliate Pages
  • Pending Members vs Founders
  • 5 Steps to Success with CLB

Password Reset now working

We were experiencing some challenges with the Password reset and this is now fixed. All passwords were reset, so you will need to request a new one. to reset your password.

Unsubscribe Links now working

We were experiencing a challenge with the unsubscribe link in the emails and this has been corrected and is working perfectly.

New theme on websites

When you visit your website, you’ll notice a new background, we’d love your comments

Affiliate Pages

Affiliates pages are coming next, we are currently working on the connection for each membership type. As soon as this is ready, we will upgrade all Pending members to Free affiliates and you will have access to the CLB members area and the ability to build your list by giving away our new CLB report and Video on the “5 Steps to Branding You Online”.

Pending Members vs Founders

Currently, only paid Founding members have access to the Contact List Builder affiliate area. As mentioned in the above item, once the system is ready, all our current Pending members will have access to the Affiliate members area.

5 Steps to Success with CLB

What are the 5 Steps to Success with CLB?

  1. Goals and Mindset
  2. Focused Plan of Action
  3. Brand You
  4. Build Your List
  5. Build Relationships and Loyal Repeat Customers

When you become a paid member of the Contact List Builder program, you receive access to simple strategies to set achievable 30 day goals and prepare your success mindset.  From your goal, we will help you create a Focused Plan of Action designed specifically for you based on your skills, knowledge and abilities.  With your Focused Plan of Action in hand we will show you how to brand yourself and what that really means.  As you create your ‘brand”, you will learn to use simple tools and resources to build your personal contact list and then the fun begins as you stretch further to create solid relationships with like minded people who want to work with you.

Does that sound perfect to you?

The Contact List Builder helps you understand your BIG PICTURE and then helps you create realistic, achievable goals and a plan of action to get there.

Are you ready to experience the Contact List Builder?  Contact the person who invited you here or click the link below.

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  1. John Jarvis  July 28, 2011

    Hi Janet and thanks for the update. Building a contact list is “the” most important thing you will ever learn how to do if you want to build a business on the internet. And Contact List Builder is the best program I have ever seen for teaching people the proper way of doing it. And my Cdn friends can please exuse me for my misspelling of program-me!

    • Janet Legere  July 28, 2011

      Thanks John, we are excited about the direction we are going the BIG Picture we can help our members create for their business. It’s great having you part of our team.

  2. Don Legere  July 28, 2011

    More is coming over the next few days.

    Janet is bang right on with her five steps to success. Its all about focus and a personal committment to apply the knowledge you have in order to gain experience. Success is in the doing. Success means you are in always in motion, changeing direction and staying in action with Janets 5 steps to success.

    It’s great to have the Conatct List Builder back!

  3. Karen Pore  July 29, 2011

    I’m so excited for all the updates. Things are coming together! The Contact List Builder is THE place to get your hands on anything you need to learn about having a web presence whether you are a newbie or experienced marketer. I am so excited about this re-launch!!! It will really teach a lot of marketers how to successfully capitalize on the technology that is available to them. Nice work as always Janet!!

  4. Sue & Shawn Kelly  August 1, 2011

    Great Update. I love the emails and I have started promoting with them. The Banners are great. I know you have worked very hard getting this up and going. I am excited too. The tingly feeling is the dream realized to bring Contact List Builder back new and improved. It is like having your first child coming home after years of being away. Enjoy the plateau of a goal achieved.

  5. Bernie Williamson  August 3, 2011

    Great Update. This site really will help everybody but should really be of great help to the newbie


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