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Why Sherlock Nation is Part of CLB

People ask, why did we add Sherlock Nation to CLB? I found this great explanation on Sherlock Black Diamond, Chuck Williams training site and thought it answered the questions perfectly.

Dear Friend,

I recently found a company and concept that is growing at warp speed worldwide. They are located in California but have already opened 16 countries and growing. Here is the simple concept; Imagine earning $1 to $4 every month on thousands of customers simply because you shared a free link with them?

Everyone wants, needs and will use this new service! GUARANTEED. We have the chance to be first here. Have you ever wondered how FaceBook, Twitter and Linked in got so big so quick. People like me and you built these companies but we did not get paid. This new company is very well capitalized and will grow as big and we get paid to build it. It makes perfect business sense.


It starts by giving away free online shopping apps to your friends and family, and then matriculates to co-workers, neighbors and your FaceBook friends. Add LinkedIn and watch it grow geometrically like I have. The personal incomes being earned by simply sharing this free shopping app are beyond impressive. It is not MLM or network marketing as you would ever know or understand it to be.

The company I need to tell you about has already conducted 5.6 million price comparison and purchase transactions in the past months and is now ready to sweep the world in a similar fashion as FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn did. This company will be a household name real soon and we have first mover advantage to position ourselves prior to vertical growth.

Here is how it works; There is No need to change internet providers or download anything. It’s simply about next time when you shop online…don’t Google or go directly to a company’s site.

Use the free shopping app we give away for free that does all the work for you which saves you and your friends time and money when purchasing online.


Everyone wins because this free shopping app price compares the entire internet and delivers best price instantly from the world’s most reputable merchants.

I am talking about a solid piece of technology and a company that does all the work for you when you buy anything online. You simply override the savings your friends receive. Your friends enjoy saving time and money using this revolutionary free shopping app.

We will succeed if we simply give away a free app that helps people save time and money online.

Let’s do this together!

See what I mean?

Sherlock Nation and the Shopping Sherlock APP are a sign of the future and we help you capitalize on this trend through CLB!

Login to CLB today and download the Sherlock APP

Already using the app? Let’s hear how it’s saving YOU money! Comment, like and share below.



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