Colors? How to Communicate to Get What You Want.

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What personality type are you? Experts have agreed that there are four basic personality types that have been assigned the colors Yellow, Red, Blue and Green.

What’s your Personalities Color? Yellow, red, blue or green?

Many organizations use a simple personality test in order to determine a candidates suitability for employment. Each personality is classed as yellow, red, green or blue. The yellow personality type is generally regarded as the life of the party. Red is dominating, Blue is meticulous and green needs all the answers.

That is generalizing things a great deal however knowing where you sit color wise can give you invaluable information on communicating with others. Learning these colors and their associated personality types will provide you clues to recognize the personality types in others. Those you work with, and live with.  That leads you to success in communications.

Knowing and understanding the people you communicate with is key to success.

Get Live TrainingSo the fact that you realize that you are a red personality will give you great insight to how things work. Even more important when dealing with either a blue or green you will need to become more tolerant and understanding. blue and green personality types, make up the majority of the population.

Knowledge is power to the red personality and either they learn to communicate at the level of others they will often be frustrated at the speed of things not getting done! A little humor there. However no matter where you sit in the personality spectrum you can be sure there is great knowledge to be gained by knowing exactly where you sit. You can now use this to your communication advantage and more than likely become masters at convincing others to purchase your product or service.

Steve Gaghagen Colors of Personality | Get Live Training

Colors Training Steve Gaghagen will be our special guest this weeks for Get Live Training Conference. We have allotted him 90 minutes so that he can bring you the full story on the colors of personality and how you can profit from it.

So mark you calendars for Saturday, May 30, 2015 at 11 am eastern time for Steve Gaghagen and the Colors of Personality a special presentation from Get Live Training

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