Do You Feel Like You Are Swimming With Sharks?

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swimming with the sharksThe internet is like the ocean… and you are surrounded by sharks! You have been following shiny objects; looking for that “magic button” that brings you success online. You are getting tired and frustrated — about to give up.

Ever ask for help and feel as though all you get is the run around?  Are you looking for a way to find dry land?

Here comes the S.S. CLB and we are here to throw you a life preserver.  Come meet the Captains, Janet and Don Legere.

Janet and Don have been working from home full time on the island of Internet Marketing since 1999, developing several very successful revenue streams in Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing.

The have a strong passion for helping others master simple strategies to use the Internet to follow their passion and make money.

Their focus is showing you simple steps to create your personal brand, build your subscriber list, and develop solid long term relationships.

Janet and Don currently own and operate the Contact List Builder training and mentoring program created in July 2003 and re-launched in June 2011.

And I am First Mate, Tamra Trowbridge. I have been online since 2008, looking to find or develop a system to help others learn how to make money online.

After joining several programs, I found there was one element missing – a captain to guide me safely to land.

Then a few months ago, I met Janet and Don.  The Contact List Builder had everything I was looking for to grow my primary business and the perfect captain to teach me how to swim to shore.

Now I am the Training and Support Team Leader of CLB. My mission is to help you to grow your list and business by providing support where it is needed.

Let us help guide you to dry land.  Join one of our premium shipmates by clicking the CLB Rotator and grab your FREE life preserver.

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  1. Janet Legere  July 19, 2014

    I love the idea of the S.S. CLB to the rescue!


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