Don Legere Presented Training for Pro Members of The Legends Network

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Don legere -- content marketing in 5 steps

Don Legere did an awesome job explaining what is curated content and how it can be used to promote The Legends Network.

Curating content is about locating the most relevant content for your niche and then following a simple template to create your own blog post.  This template is already set up and when followed properly, can increase your Google ranking.

One way to use curated content is to locate articles produced by the Legends in The Legends Network.  As a member of The Legends Network, you are sitting on a “gold mine” of information.

Here is a simple step by step process to locate and curate great content from the Legends in The Legends Network:

  1. Log into back office of The Legends Network and pick a Legend
  2. Take a snap shot of their magazine cover
  3. Go to Google and research that particular Legend
  4. Select content produced by that Legend
  5. Properly follow the curated post template
  6. Share post on all your social media sites

Can you imagine the traffic you will receive on your blog when you begin curating content from all the top leaders in the network marketing industry.  You will then be viewed as a leader in your industry as well.

To find out more about curating content, go to

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