Email Marketing — Are Your Emails Reaching Your Audience

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Email Marketing — “Yet the fact remains that everyone is inundated with too many emails, making a marketer’s job that much harder to cut through the clutter.” …

Email Marketing — Are Your Emails Reaching Your Audience?

11 Steps to Optimize Your Opening Rate

Email marketing is still a very inexpense and easy way to communicate and nurture your relationship with your audience. The problem is that your readers are bombarded with so many emails, how can you be sure your emails will be read?

Rather than go through all the steps to optimize your opening rate… I’m going to direct you to a great article by Stephen Fairley from In it you’ll find a great source of information about ways that you can improve your email opening rate and actually reach your audience.

Is Your Email Marketing Breaking Through or Just Broken? —

Every email communication needs a Call-To-Action that lets the reader know what you want them to do. Place this near the top of your email so they don’t have to scroll to get to it.

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Be Yourself

When communicating with your audience, you want to be yourself; even down to the email address that you use. Instead of being generic like, use your real name, Allow the person you are emailing know you are a real person and be able to put a name with the communications.

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