Email Marketing Still Most Effective Marketing Tool

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“While social media gets all the attention for having a huge user base, the reach of email is actually much higher.” …

Email Marketing Still Most Effective Marketing Tool

Top 3 Methods in Building Email List

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Even with Facebook and Twitter on the rise of users, studies show email marketing is still the most effective way to rely your message. With approximately 4 billion email accounts world wide, the number is expected to rise another billion by 2017.

You also want to make sure you engage with your list. Once they are on your list, be sure to continue to offer great value by creating content or offering incentives for them to buy.

Rather than go through a long list of methods for building an email list … I’m going to direct you to a great article by Campaign Monitor from In it you’ll find a great source of information about effective methods of building your email list.

These Are the Best Methods for Building an Email List —

With Facebook making it harder for your messages to be seen and Twitter’s click-through rates declining, an effective email list is fast becoming a critical tool in every marketers arsenal.

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Creating a Funnel

Your email list is like a sales funnel. You start by offering some of value for free to get subscribers, then you can create a series of emails that will push them through your funnel to the end product, which is your primary business. Contact List Builder has a funnel already set up for you. Once a lead capture page is connected to the auto-responder, the funnel is now branded to you. For more information, please join one of our Premium members by clicking the CLB Rotator on the right.

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