Email Marketing — Understanding the Difference Between Double Opt In vs Single Opt In

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Email Marketing –“Few issues in web marketing generate such intense debate as the classic “Should you use double opt-in or single opt-in when acquiring new email subscribers?”” …

Email Marketing — Understanding the Difference Between Double Opt In vs Single Opt In

Which One is Best For Your Email Marketing?

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So here is the million dollar question — Should I use a double or single opt in form for my email marketing? The best answer I have found is to use both.

There are pros and cons to using both types of opt ins. Being new to email marketing, you may want to experience instant gratification that your lead capture page is producing sign ups in your auto responder. However, using a single opt in may result in a high volume of bad email addresses. People may use bogus email addresses to obtain information or mistypes their own email address (human error).

Using a double opt in, you will be able to weed out the tire kickers. People who are wanting to receive your information will be sure to check their inbox and spam folder to take the next step and confirm the email. Then again, if the person gets distracted, they could easily forget to check their emails resulting in having pending subscribers.

Rather than go through a long list of pros and cons on which type of opt in form that is best to utilize for email marketing, … I’m going to direct you to a great article by Jason Clegg from In it you’ll find a great source of information about opt in forms and how to determine which is best to use for your email marketing.

Double Opt In vs Single Opt In – What’s Best For Your Email Marketing? —

The greatest disadvantage of Double Opt-In email marketing is the technical headache you will often have on your hands. Some of your prospects may never receive the email requesting their confirmation (for a variety of reasons) and will either become frustrated OR disappear altogether.

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