CLB Add Shortcut To Your Smartphone Home Screen

It seems that most people today have
their smartphones attached to their to
their bodies 24/7. Many of us do the
bulk of our marketing on the phone. My
phone is my office, and I use every tool
and shortcut I can to gain efficiency.

On the other hand….

My wife is a designer, and is constantly
checking out her favourite blogs and
websites, on her phone. I watch her
enter each site in the browser every
time she wants to access her favourites,
as if it were the first time searching.
It can take a long time, and often she
suffers from CRS and may not have the
correct info.

What is CRS you say? My online friend,
Michael Lipsey, says that CRS stands for
Can’t Remember Stuff. Needless to say,
one needs to tread very carefully when
trying to fill the CRS gap.

So one evening, in a brave moment, I

Wouldn’t it be great if you could access
your current favourite blogs on your
phone with one touch? Surprisingly,
instead of the normal “I’ve always done
it ths way” response, I got a yes.
Cease the day!

In my mind I said ‘I have a very simple
solution’. However, I learned many
years ago, “simple” is a word best left
out of conversations in our household.
Instead I suggested ‘There is a
solution, and you can do it yourself in
less than a minute’.

These three steps can be used on any
smartphone, to create shortcuts to your
favourite blogs and websites.

  1. Access the browser of your choice and
    enter the web address of your favourite
  2. Android users, click the three
    vertical dots at the top right to access
    the drop down menu and select Add To
    Home Screen
    iOS users, click the share button,
    (square with arrow pointing up) and
    select Add To Home Screen
  3. Add name of site and click Add To
    Home Screen

You are done.

So how did things work out on the
homefront? Huge AHA moment!

Now my wife’s home screen is exploding
with all her favourites. There are so
many that she still is searching through
pages of shortcuts. Maybe the next
teachable moment will be File
Folders…..but I will wait a while on
that one.

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