Facebook Marketing for 2016

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The Evolution of Facebook Marketing

Facebook can be an extremely powerful prospecting platform

From a marketing point of view, Facebook can be an extremely powerful prospecting platform. Unfortunately the majority of marketers have it all wrong. This weeks Facebook Marketing Wrap up we have selected the following articles to give you a more solid footing when developing your Facebook Marketing Strategy.

The first article we will take at look at the background statistics on Facebook marketing. This will give you an idea of the marketing demographics. Who is marketing on Facebook? How often? And, how many hours?

15 Important Takeaways For B2B Facebook Marketing – TopTenWholesale News used correctly, Facebook has proven to be an effective way to market time and time again, despite all the changes the platform seems to go through.

Those that have used Facebook for at least two years have reported increased sales for half of the people surveyed. Most marketers have been on social media for more than two years.

For almost all of those surveyed that have used social media for more than a year, they have seen increased exposure.

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Top Facebook marketing strategies you don’t want to miss in 2016 – Tech in Asia

As of September, Facebook boasted a monthly user base of 1.55 billion, a 14% increase from its numbers in 2014. The social network’s largest age demographic of users is 25 to 34 year olds, which comprises 29.7% of its total user base.

Another interesting statistic is that 50% of 18 to 24 year old check their Facebook when they wake up.

It is no wonder that the social media platform is now many a marketer’s darling.

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Marketers to implement email and Facebook buy buttons in 2016, study finds – VentureBeat

Marketers have been making forays into social integration for many years now. And many have experimented with adding direct buy buttons within digital marketing campaigns, a feature that helped define the mobile payment landscape in 2015.

In a new study commissioned by Campaigner (the email marketing brand of j2 Global), it would seem those early experiments are not only paying off, but being expanded on.

The survey, which sampled 506 email marketers, showed that 36 percent of respondents report an increase in sales from buy button integration so far.

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Facebook Lead Ads Changing The Face Of Marketing – Huffington Post once in a while, Internet marketers get a new break via a procedure, software, change in laws, etc..

These advantages can totally alter the game plan for the better and generate opportunity and income to levels of astonishment. This may well be the case with new Facebook Lead Ads.

Facebook Lead Ads is a dream come true. It not only advances the marketing realm but the social media realm as well.

It’s as though there was a genie out there that made marketers’ wishes come true and getting the fundamental knowledge of what they are and what they can do will change your life for the better.

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How are you planning to use Facebook in 2016?

As these articles all illustrate Facebook marketing is a forever changing and evolving social network. One that has proven to improve sales for internet and email marketers world wide. Facebook is becoming a marketing platform you can’t really do without.

So how are you marketing on Facebook?




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