Follow Up — Are you Following Up With Your Prospects?

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Follow Up — “While following with prospects, the focus should be always on building relationships.”

Follow Up — Are you Following Up With Your Prospects?

Be Part of Your Business

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When people decide to start a business online, some may think there is no need to follow up because they feel people will just come to them. This is a very common misconception. Posting links to get people on to your list is one thing; however, you must become part of your business and reach out to those prospects.

Some marketers feel that by following up they would appear pushy. By creating a standard follow up process, will help to balance out how often you contact your prospect. The lack of follow up is what turns prospects away, not the excess of it.

I’m going to direct you to a great article by Bikky Khosla from In it you’ll find a great source of information about the importance of following up with your prospects in order to grow your business online, as well as offline.

How to follow up with prospects —

There is another common misconception among small business owners that prospective customers will contact them if they’re interested — no need to follow up with them. But in reality, things may not be so straightforward after all. Many a time, a prospective customer may have questions in his mind that he is not asking,

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Don’t be Pushy

The purpose of a follow up is to build a relationship where you prospects get the opportunity to like, know and trust you. Following up is not the time to pitch your product or service. When you follow up with a prospect, ask them questions to find out what THEY are needing and get rid of the thought of having to SELL to them.

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