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Getting Started at Contact List Builder

Welcome to the Contact List Builder!

I am so excited to help you begin your journey to create and understand your Big Picture and learn how to use simple strategies online to build your list and make money following your passion.

I truly believe that anyone can learn these strategies and we will work with you to find those activities that are simple for you to learn to master.

Below, you will find a guideline to using the CLB Learning area.


Please read through and then begin with Step One.

Step One: Knowing Your CLB Learning Members Area

Please take a few moments to click through the links in your back office. Across the top, you will see links to PROFILE, AFFILIATE TOOLBOX, DOWNLOADS, UPGRADE and LOGOUT. It’s important that you familiarize yourself with these areas and visit often to check for changes as we are adding to the members area regularly.


PROFILE: Make sure that your Profile is complete with your address and contact info, including your Paypal email address and Clickbank ID.

AFFILIATE TOOLBOX: Your Affiliate Toolbox contains your Contact List Builder affiliate link along with ads and banners for you to promote your affiliate link.

You’ll see a drop down menu on the Affiliate Toolbox menu with access to Referrals, Commissions and our Downline Builder

Referrals: Your referrals will be listed here in real time along with the ability to email your referrals whenever you wish. Use with discretion as this ability may be removed at anytime if abused.

Commissions: When one of your referrals upgrades to a Paid member at CLB, you will be paid a commission based on your level of membership. Commissions are paid on the 15th of the Month following the month of commission earned. Commissions are paid on balances over $10

Downline Builder: Our downline builder provides you the ability to maintain downline integrity in your primary business or with your primary group. You’ll find our Prospect Geyser family of programs including Prospect Geyser, Prospect Geyser Coop and PG Traffic along with our two Funded Systems, Traffic Leads 2 Income and Second Income Coach and finally, you’ll find a link to GVO for your Hosting and Auto-responder needs.

WORD OF CAUTION: Start by entering the IDS or USERNAME of the programs you already belong to. If you do not belong to any of them, you will be directed to join as you move through the system. Please avoid signing up for all programs at the same time as it can create a lot of confusion.

DOWNLOADS: Here you will find programs and files for you can download based on your level of membership. We will be adding to this area so do check back often

UPGRADE: If you are a free member, you can choose to upgrade and open all access at any time. Options are Monthly ($47.00), Annual ($297) and Lifetime ($497)

LOGOUT: We highly recommend that you logout of the system when you are finished for your day

STEP TWO … let the lessons begin

Down the side you will find the 5 Steps of the CLB Success Blueprint along with access to the recorded webinars from our Basics for Beginners training. You’ll find the link to our CLB Webinar for Members only and at the bottom you’ll find the bonuses available based on your membership level

Begin your lesson with Goals and Mindset

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