Goal Setting — Are You Setting the Right Goals?

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Goal Setting — “Instead of setting life goals, think about setting a life direction.” …

Goal Setting — Are You Setting the Right Goals?

Think of the Journey, Not the Destination

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Goal setting, where do I start? How do I know what goal is going to take me where I want to go? What happens if I don’t reach my goal, am I a failure?

I know I use to put way too much thought into goal setting. I was so afraid that if I set a goal and did not reach it, I would be letting myself down. So, to avoid the feeling of being a failure, I never followed through with writing down my goals.

Now with a mentor by my side, I am learning that goals are just stepping stones. Goals are designed to help you on your life’s journey and have nothing to do with the destination. Your goals need to make you want to hop out of bed every morning saying, “What can I do today to move towards my goal!”

I found this great article on goal setting written by Stever Robbins from In it you’ll find a great source of information about goal setting and three (3) steps on how to set the right goals for the life you actually want.

How to Set Goals for the Life You Actually Want —

Most goals are about a destination. “I want a million dollars.” “I want enlightenment.” “I want a truck.” If you tend to set your goals based on the destination, and don’t consider the journey, try switching it around.

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Do Your Goals Fit Your Life?

The purpose of goals is not to live your life being enslaved by them; instead it is to enhance your life experience. We are here on earth to discover joy and happiness. If your goals do not make you happy, then change your goals.

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