Here is a Method That is Helping Marketers to Connect Using Traffic Exchanges

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Traffic exchanges can be used for more than just surfing for credits.  It is also a great way to connect with real people.  There are tons of traffic exchanges that are using a social platform.

So what is a social platform?  It is a platform like Facebook and LinkedIn where you can go and check out profiles and find something in common.  Many TEs are now utilizing this same platform.

I have discovered that most marketers are unaware of this simple method that will help break the ice when connecting with other marketers – connect on traffic exchanges with social platforms.

While surfing traffic exchanges, be on the lookout for other member’s Skype ID.  This is one of the most powerful ways to connect with real people.

Here is a simple step-by-step method to finding Skype IDs on TE’s and sending a request to connect:

  1. Locate traffic exchanges that uses a social platform

    As you join different traffic exchanges, look for those that instructs you to add your social ID, such as Skype, Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Google+. 

    You want to make sure you provide as much contact information as possible so members can connect with you as well.Example of TEs with social platform – Sweeva and EasyHits4U

  2. As you surf, click on the member’s profile and look for Skype ID

    Since the member’s ad is visible, you know they are active in marketing in the traffic exchange.Most TE profiles will open in a new window so it will not disrupt your surfing.  Once you are on a member’s profile, look for their Skype ID

  3. Look up their Skype ID on your Skype account

    Open up your Skype and search for the Skype ID.  There may be multiple results, just compare profiles with the TE and see if you have a match
  1. Send a message on SkypeSend a quick message to connect on Skype.

    Example, “Hi (name), I saw your ad on (TE site) and I wanted to connect.  Thanks, (your name)

  2. Send message on TE

    Go back to the profile of the person on the traffic exchange and send a quick message letting them know you had sent them a Skype request.  Also, if provided,  add them as a friend in the TE as well.

  3. Once your Skype request has been confirmed, start a conversation.

    This is where most people freeze.  They do not know what to talk about.  By using this method, you already have something in common to discuss.

    Be sure to thank the person for accepting the request, then ask how long have they been using (TE site) to build your business?  Are you seeing good results?

Now you have started to build a relationship with that prospect.  Continue asking questions to find out where they are and if they have any problems that your product or service can be a solution to the problem.

Continue asking questions like:

  • How long have you been marketing online?
  • What other methods of advertising is bringing your quality leads?
  • What company are you promoting?
  • Are you making money online?
  • Do you keep your options open to looking at other opportunities?
  • Has anyone recently talked to you about (company name)?

There is no excuse for not having enough people to talk to.  Using this method will give you more leads then you can shake a stick at.

To learn more tips and strategies like these, be sure to Click the CLB Rotator and join one of our Contact List Builder premium members.  Our focus is to teach you basic internet marketing strategies that will connect you with marketers and build lasting relationships with them.

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  1. Janet Legere  August 16, 2014

    Great post outlining such a simple strategy to get great leads!


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