How Do I Upgrade At Curation Works

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Many of our members are asking how to upgrade at Curation Works so that they can get the full course on Curating Content.

The One Time fee is currently $197.00 and will be going up very soon.  Your fee gives you lifetime access to new content added to the system monthly.  As an upgraded member, you will earn 30% referral fee on any upgraded members that you sponsor into Curation Works.  As a Free Affiliate, you earn a 10% referral fee.

There are two ways to upgrade.

Login to Curation Works

Option Number One:

When you login to the members area, you will be presented with a “login offer” to upgrade to CW Member.

Option Number Two:

If you are already logged in, click on Member Resources then click Upgrade.


You can read the details about your upgrade then click the Paypal button at the bottom of the page.


Not a member yet?

Login to Contact List Builder members area, click on the Downline Builder under Affiliate Toolbox and scroll to the bottom.  You can join Curation Works with your CLB Sponsor.


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