How to Add Emails to Your Campaign

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TCP: Adding Emails, Sending Broadcasts, Sending SMS

Today, on our CLB Learning Training call, we talked about the following in reference to your CLB Leads Campaign at The Conversion Pros

  • How to add emails about your business and other resources
  • How to send a broadcast email (max 2X day)
  • How to send an SMS broadcast to Mobile Numbers

We talked about how to use these tools to add your “shiny object”, those programs and resources you joined that you may or may not be using.

If you have tools and resources that you use or products that you use (supplements, skin care, etc.,), adding to your Email campaigns is a way to get those resources to pay for themselves.

It’s also a way to introduce your Primay Business to your leads.

Remember to use the followups to generate recommendations for your products and services. Don’t just “sell” your leads on the programs, share with them your experience and why you feel they could benefit.

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