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The Creators Lament… Censorship

In 399 BC, Greek philosopher, Socrates, while defying attempts by the Greek state to censor his philosophical teachings, was accused of collateral charges related to the corruption of Athenian youth and sentenced to death by drinking a poison, hemlock.

Over the past few years creators and users of social media have been censored and removed from platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, PayPal, and Twitter just to name a few. Simply for expressing their own ideologies or political views.

Many of these Creators and Content Curators had many thousands of subscribers who supported their work. All gone.

Your Blog is Command Central

The importance of your blog or website cannot be understated. Unfortunately, many Content Creators simply relied on the social medias subscriber functions unwittingly building their list. When they were de-platformed subscribers disappeared also.

Do not make this mistake.

Blogging and Content Marketing drives lead generation and that is the bottom line. Relevant content will drive subscribers and customers to your website. Inbound traffic. So if you are a small business or operate your at home business don’t despair. Measuring the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy is easy. Keep track of new subscriptions, social shares and web page visitors. You will over time get a sense of what content pulls in the crowds and which do not.

Everything starts and ends with your blog.

In Conclusion

Your blog is command central. It is where the rubber meets the road. This is where you interact with your subscribers to build relationships and trust. Share everything from your blog on social media and your website traffic over time will improve.

Our next post we will be providing you an overview of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Doing SEO correctly will indeed drive inbound traffic to you and your opportunity.

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  1. michael J. Lipsey  November 17, 2021

    Thanks Don for your preciseness and dealing with blogs, small businesses, traffic to your websites.
    It’s so important to put all aspects of business into a simple to use formula

    • Don Legere  November 17, 2021

      All roads lead home. Thanks for your comment, Michael.


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