How To Find Skype Leads On IBOToolBox

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Discover A Wealth Of Skype Leads On IBOToolBox

IBOToolBox is a professional business social platform with a very large and active members.  IBOToolBox is different than other Social Platforms as it offers you a simple way to earn credits and advertise on the system.

I found a simple strategy to find New members and add them to my Skype.  Once on Skype, I then add them to a List I created for IBOToolBox Leads.

I can then use Seek and Send to send a message to this new list and invite them to have a conversation with me.

Webinar Replay

On August 28, 2014, I did a live Pro Training for The Legends Network and showed how to get leads for Skype. The method I taught can be used by anyone in any program.

Enjoy the replay of this live webinar to see this method in action

Join The IBOToolBox Family

There is no cost to join this community.  You can learn more about it here

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  1. Michael Camire  November 18, 2014

    I agree that IBOToolbox can be a marketer’s gold mine if used correctly (like any other social media) and daily. I also use IBOExchange to make connections with many of the social networks.


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