How to Locate and Connect With Prospects on Facebook

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I had the honor and privilege to have a personal conversation with one of the Legends, Gerry Schoeder, of The Legends Network.  Gerry is very good at connecting with people on social medias.  So, I asked him, “how do you locate and connect with prospects on Facebook”.

Here are some tips Gerry shared with me.

First thing is you need to be able to locate your targeted audience.  Finding people in your own back yard is a great start.  You will have commonality with your prospects for being in the same location geographically.

Depends on your geographic, you can have hundreds, if not thousands of people you can connect with.  Use a spreadsheet to keep track of who was the last person you contacted.

On Facebook, you want to be sure you are on your news feed, your home button. In the search bar, type in: People who live in (your City, State) and who likes (keyword).  In the example below, I am looking for people in my town and like Network Marketing Pro.

fb prospecting in back yardAs you can see I have a friend who likes Network Marketing Pro, so I scroll down to locate people who are not my friends — yet.  Instead of clicking Add Friend, you are going to send the person a private message.  Send out no more than 15 messages per day.  You are filling your pipeline of people to connect and collaborate.

How you approach your prospect will determine if the person will even respond to you. Being in a “Position of Power”, people will see you as business owner and will want to connect with you.

Here is a script that you can use to send to your prospects.  It is designed to put you in the “Position of Power”.

Hi name,

I conducted a search for people who live in my area and likes network marketing. Are you currently building your business online? I work from home and wanted to see if you are open to connecting and collaborating. Look forward to hearing from you.

Tamra Trowbridge

Gerry pointed out that is the verbiage that you use that give you the “Position of Power”. I love the verbiage of “collaborating”.  You are not pushing anything on the prospect, just wanting to connect and collaborate.

You can modify the script to send to people on your friends list.

Hi name,

Since we are FB friends, I wanted to touch bases to see what you are doing in the MLM arena? I work from home and wanted to see if you are open to connecting and collaborating. Look forward to hearing from you.


Once the prospect replies, make an appointment with that prospect to have a conversation.  You want to get good at setting appointments. Get out your calendar and schedule those appointments.  By setting appointments, you will not come across as being desperate to connect with the prospect.

This again, puts you in the “Position of Power” because you are conducting your business like a business and people will show you respect and go ahead and schedule the appointment.

To learn other great marketing tips, please connect and collaborate with one of our premium members by clicking on the CLB Rotator.  Thank you!

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