How to Share Your Quick Start Guide

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The CLB Quick Start Guide is a comprehensive, step by step guide to help you and your new members setup their CLB Funnel.

Did you know that you can share your guide directly with your subscribers?

The CLB Quick Start Guide

The CLB Quick Start Guide is just that. A Guide to help you get setup quickly. Everything you need, all the instructions including Video and Text and Images.

As an UPGRADED Member at CLB Learning, all the links in the report are branded to you PROVIDED you have updated the Downline Builder inside CLB Learning.

Step One:

Login to CLB Learning

Click on Downloads

Right Click on the link to download the CLB Quick Start Guide

Choose Copy Link Address

Use this link in your email broadcast to your CLB Leads who came in through your funnel.

Your link will look like this where #AFFILIATEID# is your CLB ID number. Remember to replace this!

Once you have your link, you can login to The Conversion Pros and send a broadcast email to your CLB Leads

From inside TCP 

Click Autoresponder

Locate your CLB Leads campaign and click on View

Click Email Broadcasts

Click Create New Message

Enter your edited email from below or your own email

Click Send

Email Template

Feel welcome to copy and edit this email to use

SUBJECT: Did you download this guide?


Hello {firstname},

YOUR NAME here from The Contact List Builder

Thank you for taking a look. I love the simplicity of how CLB works and wanted to share this with you.

Janet put together a comprehensive guide to help you setup your CLB Funnel and start building your list.

You can download a copy here

I am anxious to hear what you think and look forward to hearing from you.

My contact information is below, please reach out to me and let’s do this together.

Have a great day,

Your Phone/Mobile/Whatsapp
Your FB Profile
Your Telegram ID

Remember, the guide is only branded to YOU if you are an upgraded member at CLB Learning AND if you have updated your IDs in the Downline Builder of CLB Learning

Please post your feedback in the comments section. We’d love to hear from you!



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