How To Use The CLB Rebranded Report

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How to Create a List and Give Away the CLB Report

Today we are going to talk about how to use the CLB Rebranded report and I am going to show you how to setup a campaign, create your optin form and add the subscriber for to your blog.

What you will need:

  1. A professional auto-responder – we recommend HostThenProfit (also known as GVO)
  2. A Blog
  3. An upgraded account at Contact List Builder (the rebrandable report is available to all members, however, rebranding of the report is only available to our upgraded members)

Steps to take

  • Update the downline builder in Contact List Builder – the report takes its information from the database for our CLB Downline Builder.  Add your affiliate id’s to the programs listed.
  • Create an Auto-Responder Campaign – if you are a member of GVO/HTP then you can use the Shared campaign code 86069c69572A which will create a campaign called ContactListBuilder and include a preset Optin Message and Followup message.  You’ll find a copy of the Followup message below.  If you use an auto-responder other than GVO/HTP you will need to create a campaign (list) and add a follow-up message.
  • Create a subscriber Form and add the form to your Blog – you can add the form to a page, post OR add it as a widget and as your main optin form on your blog.  The video below reviews all three ways.
  • Tell your friends … the key to building your list is sending traffic to your new page.  Writing a blog post about the new report is a great way to start your list.

VIDEO REPLAY – coming soon

Auto-responder Campaign Follow-up Message

This is the email your subscriber will receive after they confirm their email address (double-optin)






Thank you for subscribing to our Contact
List Builder (CLB) list where we will share
tips and tools based on our CLB philosophy.

I invite you to download my CLB report
the CLB 5 Steps to Branding You.

This free report will cover everything
you need to start branding you and
building your list.

Please let me know if you have questions or
need help in any way. You will find my
contact details below.

Have a great day,

The Contact List Builder
Skype me @ YOUR SKYPE ID

P.S. The Contact List Builder is free to
join and you can learn more here:

BE DO HAVE … it CAN be yours

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