Interviewing Techniques to Rev Up Your Blog

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Interviewing — “A good interview can provide the basis for a compelling business blog. A business blog is an integral part of most content marketing strategies and can reap rewards for brands” …

Interviewing Techniques to Rev Up Your Blog

Be Natural, Not Stiff

Interviewing known people in your niche is a great way to draw attention to your blog. However, you must have the skills to conduct an interview that will excite the readers and keep them engaged.

Your blog will be more interesting if the interviewee can share their knowledge in a way that flows naturally, to sound ‘human’ rather than a sales page. Avoiding the back and forth style of interviewing; most people like watching ‘tennis’ on the court, not on a blog.

Angela Everitt from wrote a great article on interviewing techniques. In it you’ll find simple techniques that will keep your reader on your blog wanting to read every word.

Good Interviewing Techniques Fire Up Your Business Blog —

A good interviewer will be able to achieve more than simple conversational ‘tennis’ – I ask you a question, you answer. I ask you another question, and so on. They will be able to build a rapport with their interviewee, they will have done their research on and around the topic at hand so that they are not left umming and ahing if their subject throws them a curveball they weren’t prepared for.

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Share Their Experience

Interviewing does not have to be all about a product or service. Simply asking the interviewee to share an experience will allow your audience to connect with your interviewee, wanting to find out more about that person. Now you are creating valuable content that bring your readers back again and again.

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